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October 25, 2012

The 10 best reasons to hate Notre Dame

NORMAN — Notre Dame is a wonderful school, a fantastic institution and a slice of American history that simply can’t be denied. Just ask Regis Philbin.

But even taking Regis at his word, it is forever easier to be repulsed than charmed by the Golden Domers, even for a Bishop McGuinness grad like me.

I mean, really, it’s Notre Dame.

It’s not personal (well, it’s not necessarily personal), but there are many reasons to be sideways with the Fighting Irish. If you need any, here’s a top-10 list.

10. Digger Phelps: Digger coached Irish basketball for 20 seasons, and if he’d stopped there everything would have been fine, because who didn’t like watching the Irish on WGN back in the day. I still think Rich Branning’s an underrated college point guard. Lots of talent around him, but the guy could play. Unfortunately, Digger can’t do analysis. I listen and listen to the guy and when he’s done talking, I have no idea what he’s said. He’s worse than Adam Schefter. And, he’s a big fan of Bob Knight.

9. The Irish women: As in women’s basketball. Twice the Irish have ended coach Sherri Coale’s Sooner women’s season, two years ago in Dayton to keep the Sooners out of the Elite Eight, and in overtime in 2008, to keep OU out of the Sweet 16. And even if Skylar Diggins is an All-American (she happens to be on my preseason list), why does she get to be the crossover star of the women’s game. What’s wrong with Whitney Hand?

8. Coffee mugs: Admittedly, this one is personal. As a freshman at McGuinness (a long, long time ago) somebody was having a fundraiser and the product being sold was coffee mugs. You could by an OU mug, an OSU mug … or a Notre Dame mug. A Notre Dame mug? In the middle of Oklahoma City? It did not compute. Still doesn’t. But it is what it is. Not that it’s alright.

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