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June 8, 2013

Decreased role doesn’t lessen championship for Sampson

NORMAN — Erica Sampson wasn’t being rude. She just wanted to make sure she didn’t hurt anyone.

The former Tahlequah standout made a subtle suggestion to Oklahoma’s bat girl during the final inning of the Sooners’ national championship-clinching 4-0 victory over Tennessee on Tuesday night.

“When there were two outs left, I was next to the bat girl,” Sampson recalled, “and I asked her to step down because I was going to kick my leg over the railing (of the dugout).”

OU pitcher Michelle Gascoigne then struck out Lexi Overstreet for the final and that’s where Sampson’s memory gets a little foggy.

“I don’t know if I blacked out,” she said. “I couldn’t remember anything in between running out (onto the field) and until getting off the dogpile.”

Sampson said her teammates have experienced the same phenomenon. They just can't remember exactly what happened once the final out was recorded at Hall of Fame Stadium.

Sampson and her teammates are still walking around in a daze.

“We’re still kind of in shock,” she said. “The coaches said it’ll be something that’ll change our lives. It’s just incredible.”

It was a year in the making for the Sooners, who had to watch Alabama celebrate a national championship on the same field in 2012. 

“Last year, we were talking about what we were going to do afterward, like who was going to grab who after the game (against Alabama),” Sampson said. “This year, though, we weren’t going to be satisfied until we got there and won the title.”

Oklahoma polished off a 57-4 record and cemented itself among the elite to ever play the game. That was the goal.

“This year flew by,” Sampson said, “because we were on a mission to get to the title.”

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