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October 3, 2012

Stoops struggling to speak to fans’ concerns

NORMAN — Here’s the problem. Bob Stoops wants to keep the conversation micro.

He wants to talk about execution and not turning the ball over and correcting errors and grinding everything down to how close this Sooner football team really is to being very good, because, really, if this little thing gets corrected and this turnover doesn’t happen and this incorrect read doesn’t get read incorrectly, well, it’s an entirely different game.

A great swath of the Sooner Nation, even though unable to fight its way out of the head coach’s logic, wants to take the conversation macro.

Why does the quarterback make the same mistakes he’s always made, and worse, all these years later? Why has Oklahoma come out less than sharp in all three of its games?

Why does there seem to be no rhyme nor reason to who gets to run the ball and how often, when the offense chooses to go into hurry-up mode and what’s happened the last couple of years with so many players bugging out of the program or getting into trouble within it?

What gives?

There must be a bigger and better answer than you try beating Kansas State with a 3-0 turnover disadvantage. There must be something below the surface, capable of shedding light on these issues. There must be something bigger going on than you take two plays out of the last game and Kansas State’s a win, not a loss.

Both are right.

Yet, for public viewing, anyway, Stoops is also wrong. The rumblers are not. They acknowledge the play-by-play breakdowns. They simply, and rightly, want more.

Stoops is right when he delves into the minutiae of execution and the fans are right when they go looking for a bigger explanation, for many of the Sooners’ ills have become patterns (mistakes at QB, a so-so running game, bad behavior and suspensions, even all the bad plays Stoops wants back are a pattern of bad plays; at least OU finally has a kicker it believes in).

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