The Norman Transcript

October 25, 2013

County election board secretary says good-bye to Oklahoma

Joy Hampton
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Cleveland County Election Board Secretary Jim Williams announced his resignation this week. Williams will leave to take a post with the Oregon Secretary of State’s election division.

“I will be the State Elections Director for the state of Oregon,” he said. “It will be a huge career opportunity. I just can’t pass it up.”

The job will deal with policy and the media regarding Oregon elections. He will also serve as a liaison between the elections office and the legislature.

“I’m very excited about it,” Williams said. “They have a very unique election system there in that all elections are done by mail. They have no polling place or precinct officials.”

Oregon was the first state in the nation to go to an all mail system.

Williams will report to work on Nov. 18. He will continue to serve Cleveland County during the Nov. 12 election.

“My resignation is effective Nov. 15,” he said “I will still be the election board secretary when they certify the Nov. 12th vote.”

Williams said the State Election Board will appoint someone to take over based on a recommendation by the Cleveland County senators.

“It may be a few months until they make that appointment,” he said. “I suspect Assistant Secretary Annette Pretty will be in charge until then. They wouldn’t appoint someone for the interim.”

Williams came to Oklahoma from Colorado.

“My career in state elections started in Oklahoma, but after a while I took a private job working with elections in Albequerque, then moved to Denver for three years before coming back here in 2011,” Williams said. “Coming here was a chance to come back home, and I really was looking forward to staying here.”

Williams said his wife, Teresa Williams, will get the house ready for sale and follow him to Oregon as soon as possible. Teresa Williams is an insurance agent with Julia Chew.

“Once again I’m moving her away from someplace she loves,” he said, commending his wife on her strong and continued support of his career.