The Norman Transcript

August 9, 2013

In a land of loving hearts

By Bruce Kessler, elder
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — When I was a young boy, I had the privilege of living in a land of great beauty. This land was only two square miles in diameter, yet a place of magical quality — indeed, a land truly flowing with milk and honey.

Tall Georgia Pines and magnificent Oaks decorated with moss surrounded by budding Azaleas occupied this land. Early morning dew covered the ground, and the dew droplets reflected the sun’s rays in a spectacularly refreshing way.

Yet, this was not the real stuff this land was made of.

My family is big. I suppose by today’s standard, 15 children (four sets of twins) would be unprecedented. My dad was one of the twins, and so I was born into a wonderfully talented family whose roots can be traced all the way to Salzburg, Austria.

Yet, at around the age of 6, I found myself on shaky ground. My mom and dad had just divorced, so here I was, freckled face and skinny, uncertain, lost, fearful and in desperate need.

Enter in my wonderful aunts.

Exodus 3:8 states, “So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey …”

When I read this, I immediately recognized what God had done for me many years ago. He had delivered me to a good and large land, a land of loving gracious hearts.

On every corner, I found an aunt with open arms, willing to embrace me, love me, nurture me, care for me and yes, sometimes even discipline me. In this land I found a sure foundation. I was hard to love, for sure. I use to crawl under the pews during church services and pull on the ladies’ pantyhose. Ouch.

Yet, tears come to my eyes thinking of the sacrifices and time they spent on my behalf. I would have been lost without them. How great the power of God is demonstrated through His providence.

God provided for me through the loving hearts of my aunts. How beautiful is His work. How beautiful and dear are my aunts, for from their loving hearts flowed milk and honey that nurtured and encouraged a troubled soul to greater heights. I love you all.

Are you providing that kind of special place? Are you ready and willing to step in and help a desperate child or to take care of some need? Are you taking the opportunities God is providing you?

There are those who are just as needful or troubled today. Just look around. There are so many children looking for that special place, a land flowing with milk and honey — a land of loving hearts.

Act today. Let the power of God work through you and in you.