The Norman Transcript

May 31, 2013

Quakers sponsor compassionate communication workshop

Transcript Staff
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — At 7 p.m. Monday, the University Quakers will sponsor a free workshop on “Nonviolent Compassionate Communication,” hosted by St. Stephen’s Methodist Church, 1801 W. Brooks St.

“Mahatma Gandhi taught that love and compassion is our true natural state once the storms of violence and fear have subsided in the human heart,” said Cap Kaylor, a member of the University Quakers. “The workshop is our gift to the people of Norman to remind us all of what we already know.

“Like every other faith, we Quakers believe that we humans were meant to love and relate to one another. Granted, we often need a little help in doing what we most want to do.”

The workshop is open to anyone but may be of special interest to professionals in the fields of conflict resolution, health care, psychology, counseling, recovery, teaching, ministry, social work, communication, law enforcement, civil service and organization development.

Participants will learn tips for expressing disagreement without blaming or criticizing, transforming reactive anger into connecting communication, calmly hearing other’s needs instead of hearing blame or criticism, creating mutually satisfying outcomes, and deepening and enriching valued relationships.

The workshop will be presented by Tom McLain, a local communication coach, group facilitator, mediator and consultant. McLain teaches communication skills using the principles of Compassionate Nonviolent Communication, specializing in conflict resolution and organization development.

The Compassionate Nonviolent Communication method has been developed by Marshall Rosenberg and has been used to train police forces and as an effective tool in conflict resolution in Israel, Palestinian Territories and Rwanda.

For more information, call McLain at 823-7801 or email