The Norman Transcript

October 26, 2012

Tell someone good morning today

By Rev. Glen Kernell
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — “Good morning:” a phrase that is so common, it is easy to say it without even knowing, but yet it is a phrase that has a power only rarely matched by rival rhetorical utterances.

We find ourselves hearing it nearly every day, from friends and family to morning television and radio shows. We also find ourselves saying it quite frequently often to our companions and children, or perhaps even to the bus driver on our daily morning commutes.

“Good morning.” It is a phrase that we can find rattling through our brains even as we utter our first breath of a new day. Sometimes it is so natural to say or hear it that it almost seems insignificant and trivial, but yet to not hear it at the beginning of a day is almost a sure bet to have exactly the opposite, a bad morning, which can lead to a bad day.

To hear the words “good morning” as we prepare to embark on the unknown is something that is remarkably important and even vital for we humble human beings. For to tell someone “good morning” is not only just a random act of kindness, that is still a rare occurrence, it is a recognition of how special a day is.

There are times when we forget that this morning period is an introduction to a day, a day that has never happened before and never will happen again.

We forget that this day contains the moments that oftentimes make life worth living. So, when we wish someone “good morning,” we are telling friends, strangers and others, “Welcome to this new and beautiful moment, which hopefully is one of many found in the story of your life.” We are telling each other when we say “good morning,” “May this day bring you all that you need to enjoy life to the fullest.”

When we tell each other “good morning,” we are telling each other, “May this day be full of those memorable moments that lead to happiness.” For in the struggle that our lives can be, we often forget the special interactions that we have in any given day.

Maybe it is the last conversations we had between a long-distance friend who we haven’t heard from in years. There are some times when we even forget those special moments in our lives, such as the last time we carried our child before they became too grown to lift or the last time we held hands with them before it became the uncool thing to do, but yet these are moments that are found in any given day.

Today, tell someone “good morning,” in hopes that this day will be full of the moments that bring happiness and joy to you and those who surround you. Tell someone “good morning” in hopes that we each will recognize that gift of having one day in our presence, a day to experience all that life has to offer, for this is a day that God has made. All we must do is rejoice and be glad in it.

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