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January 18, 2013

Truth be told, denial is worse



There is no record of her death, of an obituary or funeral announcement for a woman by that name, or of a woman by that name ever attending Stanford, which had also become part of a story that had been spread and repeated by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, the South Bend Tribune and the New York Times.

Yet, while that’s crazy enough, crazier is the fallout. T’eo and Notre Dame’s story has now become one of the player being the victim of an elaborate hoax, rather than being the perpetrator of an elaborate hoax.

Good luck with that one.

T’eo and the Irish would have us believe that T’eo and his “girlfriend” never met face to face and that T’eo’s father, who told reporters Kekua had visited T’eo in his native Hawaii, was simply embellishing a story that was otherwise true rather than perpetuating a hoax that became part of the narrative of the Irish linebacker’s Heisman Trophy campaign.

Riveted by the story, I also don’t care how it all turns out for T’eo.

Will it hurt T’eo’s draft status, because what kind of narcissist would create such a back story, doubling up on death to win the Heisman Trophy?

I don’t care.

Will it hurt T’eo’s draft status, because what kind of ninny could so easily fall in love with an apparition, albeit one with a phone number and Twitter account?

I don’t care.

But do I want to know how much effort went into pulling it all off and by whose hand and brainstorm was the hoax carried out?

Yeah, that’s fascinating.

It is also a reminder.

One, for better and worse, on small and large scales, we have seen play out so many times.

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