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August 16, 2011

Who’s afraid of Texas

NORMAN — You’ve really got to hand it to Texas A&M. Because it’s not often a university’s regents get together, even for a hastily called meeting, just to reaffirm the authority everybody figured the school president already had.

Way to stand up to Texas, fellas.

A few days ago the Aggies appeared boldly irresponsible. Now, just irresponsible.

Perhaps next year, the year after that or the year after that, the Aggies really will receive an invitation from the SEC — the same SEC that put together its own hastily arranged meeting just to tell everybody it would not be inviting A&M, at least not yet — and their fans can tell the world (and me) “I told you so.” But it will only make them boldly irresponsible all over again.

Sorry guys, but the only way you win this one is by winning the Big 12.

You don’t win by running away to a place you can’t win (on the gridiron; because I give Gary Blair every chance in the world of knocking Pat off the Summitt). You don’t win by flapping your jaws and blaming Texas for everything.

Really, blaming everything on a football program that just went 5-7 and blew up the neighborhood — but retained the mayor — is just unseemly.

The other day I tried making the point the Aggies were acting spoiled, irrational and without regard for the destruction they might leave in their wake. From the response I got, you’d think I insulted everything A&M holds dear.

Maybe I did, but what blew me away was how no Aggie partisan argued the SEC suited A&M. Not one. But about 20 were pretty sure Texas was the devil.

Grow up.

A year ago, A&M beat Texas 24-17 in Austin. This season it shouldn’t be nearly so close in College Station.

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