The Norman Transcript


December 2, 2012

Regardless of their method, Sooner victories well-earned



Recall that OU looked like a defeated team with Texas, West Virginia, Bedlam and TCU, among others, still to play. Only Kansas looked like a gimme.

Yet OU ran that conference table.

Also, way back when, during the dark days of the season, Jones would often say the same thing again and again. Saturday, only the tense had changed.

“I knew that we had a good team,” he said.

A good team, but not a great team. And somehow, that fact makes the Sooners look even better.

Nobody put it forward as a theory, but Bedlam really did take plenty out of this bunch of Sooners. That kind of game, that kind of drama, all the way to overtime, of course it was hard to rebound from. When was the last time the players took a couple victory laps with the fans?

Look at what Oklahoma State did against Baylor and it’s clear the Pokes couldn’t fully recover from such an amazing night.

So it was for OU, too.

Jones wasn’t sharp, completing only 22 of 40 passes, with one pick and a couple others that could have been. Only Jalen Saunders was a difference-making receiver. The Sooners ran well enough but it’s not like they ran the Horned Frogs into the ground.

Not at all.

Still, Damien Williams broke free for his first huge play in a while. Jones made a big throw and Saunders a big catch and run facing third-and-23 at a time the game was tied. Brennan Clay didn’t hit a home run but helped keep the ball moving.

“We didn’t play well,” co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvel said. “We played good enough to win, thank goodness.”

The Sooners made those plays, and the defense made its share, too.

Last week, OSU punted five times. West Virginia punted twice. Baylor punted three times. Even Iowa State booted it an even five. But the Horned Frogs punted eight times.

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