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October 20, 2013

A little more of Bell would go a long way



Co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell was given the same option of accepting up Bell’s struggles as the inevitable ups and downs any first-year starting quarterback’s bound to experience. He declined, but chose not call his quarterback out specifically.

“We have to play more efficiently,” Norvell said, “and take advantages of more opportunities.”

Bell doesn’t have to be his predecessors. He doesn’t have to be the best quarterback in program history like White or the second best like Bradford — yeah, yeah, feel free to go crazy on that one — nor is he charged with outscoring the opponent in the same way Jones was charged for big chunks of his last two seasons. 

Still, if he somehow thinks the way he plays isn’t more important than the way everybody else plays, he’s wrong.

“You always want to do more,” Bell said. “There’s still a lot of plays to be made.”

He got that right.

He needs to do more.

He needs to make them.

He needs to know this.

Because just a little more Blake Bell could go a long, long way.

Clay Horning

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