The Norman Transcript


July 23, 2013

Is there any room left for defense in the Big 12?



TCU lost six games last season but still held OU to 24 points, Kansas State to 23, Michigan State to 17 and Texas to 13.

Snyder believes defenses are bound to make a comeback. That’s been the history of the game, and “I think there will come a time where that probably happens with the uptempo game,” he said.

Then he explained why it hasn’t happened yet.

“It’s a lot more involved because it’s not just X’s and O’s … it’s about conditioning of the young people in the program because it’s an uptempo game,” Snyder said, “it’s about the mental processing of the young people, who (must) do it rapidly because of the tempo of the game, it’s about having the personnel in your program to have quality depth.”

Of course, whether Snyder’s right or wrong, he may already be right from where he sits in Manhattan. A year ago, K-State didn’t give up 30 points until the season’s ninth game, the day the Wildcats beat OSU 44-30. 

K-State was blown out by Baylor and allowed 35 points to Oregon at the Fiesta Bowl. Still, nobody played better defense in the conference longer than K-State managed last season.

So, is dominant shut-down defense a thing of the past?

Perhaps, but it does you no good to think so.

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