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July 8, 2013

Gellerman comes out on top as former OU teammates battle down stretch at Westwood Invitational



Jim Taylor80-78-86-244

Jonathan Barr80-80-85-245

Justin Schaefer76-80-90-246

Will Saxon79-84-84-247


Second Flight

Matt McCool75-74-77-226

Miles Pabst76-76-84-236

Doug Lillard79-82-78-239

Scott Forbes78-78-84-240

Mark Trimmer80-81-80-241

Jeremy Willoughby78-82-82-242

Frank Schield84-81-80-245

Trevin Ray81-78-87-246

Grant Schwabe84-85-79-248

Mel Mercer84-80-85-249

Russell Cole78-89-84-251

Sam Marsh83-82-87-252

Loren Coburn87-82-88-257

Gunner Akey89-83-90-262

Doug Miller81-93-88-262

Scott Shaw86-87-96-269

Chace Gautier100-81-89-270

Frank Hewins94-98-90-282


Third Flight

Chris Atteberry77-75-78-230

Markus Mills80-80-80-240

Greg Neal82-77-82-241

Christian McAllister83-76-83-242

Mike Burke82-78-84-244

Bob Dick79-82-84-245

Bryan Nelson77-87-83-247

Randy Sullivan81-85-84-250

David Hansel79-90-82-251

Keith Swinton87-80-90-257

Terry Hansel87-83-87-257

Curt Masters91-81-91-263

Chuck Powell90-86-89-265

Larry Saxon92-85-88-265

Jeff Fugate83-94-97-274


Fourth flight

Jason Weingartner70-65-66-201

Joe Pempin63-68-71-202

Jobe Weichbroot67-67-71-205

Wayne Stephens67-69-71-207

Fred Wright71-67-71-209

Rex Brown67-67-76-210

Jay Gibson65-71-74-210

Jessie Gilmore75-66-71-212

Jon Hawkins72-72-69-213

Matt Pempin75-74-65-214

Wally Haskett73-74-68-215

Justin Kay69-72-74-215

Ken Morris70-70-76-216

Brodey Claborn67-75-74-216

Henry Drury74-77-68-219

Brandon Higgins72-68-80-220

Jim Akey74-79-68-221

Chad Haynes78-81-71-230

Dale Baggett82-79-71-232

Austin Weichbroot72-74-60-236

Fred Duffy88-86-69-243

Thom Thurston96-94-77-267



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