The Norman Transcript

July 28, 2009

NEW: Bob Stoops says this season could be better than last year

Highlights from Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops' press conference Tuesday at Big 12 Media Days in Irving, Texas

· On Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham, Trent Williams and Gerald McCoy all electing to return for another season

"I think those guys all coming back, I think, says a lot about the overall program that they're pleased and excited to be in and want to participate in one more year and then maybe give up some fortune for a year to have that opportunity to be here one more year with their teammates, with their coaches.

"It is pretty special. I think it says a lot about the quality of individuals they are, too."

· On if OU can be as good as it was last season

"I hope so. Hopefully, we can be a game or two better. You have to go and earn off of that. You have to get back with your team, get back out on the field and start competing and working to see truly where you're at."

· On the offensive line

"Obviously it's a concern because those guys have played a limited amount. So what you want to see is some kind of consistency and how they work here through two-a-days and how they work through the season. A level of discipline you expect, a level of toughness in how they work.

"We've got to get out there and keep developing those guys. They had a pretty fair, pretty good spring going against a good D-line, but it needs to continue to happen."

· On linebacker Ryan Reynolds returning from a knee injury

"There wasn't as much collateral damage around this particular injury in this case than there was in the first one. Talking to him, he feels great. He looks great. He's really trimmed up."

· Can Sam Bradford improve from last season?

"It's going to be hard to improve on those stats. It's just like offensively they'll be hard to have that kind of production. You know, but hopefully with a better defense you don't have to.

"We're not concerned about statistics. It's doing what you need to do and manage the game to win. So to me, just to manage the game and avoid turnovers, make the smart plays, be consistent like he has been and not to force things. You know, remind him you're not Superman."