The Norman Transcript


November 22, 2008

It’s time Sooners win a game like this

By mere luck of the draw, Oklahoma stands a better than average chance today.

The Sooners have won 59 of 61 at Owen Field since Bob Stoops came to town. They’ve won the last four Owen Field meetings between two top 5 teams. There’s the revenge factor of having lost at Texas Tech last season. And, by golly, isn’t it about time they won a game like this?

It is one way to look at it.

Nine full seasons of the Stoops era have yielded five Big 12 championships, one national championship, two more appearances in the BCS title game and six BCS bowl appearances in all.

You can’t throw water on a list like that. An onside kick here, a questioning of the Sooners’ readiness there can be picked apart from the aggregate and mulled, and it has, yet there’s no questioning the era as a whole; there’s no “well they’ve always struggled with x, y and z.”

They haven’t.

But OU has struggled recently, on the really big stage, in really meaningful games, when all the nation is watching.

Today is certainly that.

The Heisman Trophy could be decided, yet it seems like the 863rd biggest aspect to what will begin taking place at 7 p.m.

A quick review tells us Texas Tech has three ways to reach the BCS championship game, all of which require winning the Big 12 championship game. The Red Raiders can win today; lose today but get help from Oklahoma State beating OU next Saturday; or somehow retain the highest BCS standing after losing today and finishing in a three-way South Division tie with OU and Texas.

Most think door No. 3 locked.

OU has one chance to reach the same destination. The Sooners must win today, win next Saturday, and hope to come out atop South Division wash.

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