The Norman Transcript


November 30, 2008

Validation not required


STILLWATER — Oklahoma probably deserves a spot in the Big 12 championship game coming up at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Sooners have likely earned their spot in Miami to play for all the marbles for the first time in four seasons should they get past Missouri in Kansas City.

Only here is the sweet truth of all that’s happened going back to Tennessee-Chattanooga and rolling all the way to Boone Pickens Stadium Saturday night:

The Sooners don’t need BCS validation. They don’t have to edge Texas out. They probably have but it is not required.

It’s only required to stick another championship trophy or two in the Switzer Center, but it’s no prerequisite to call the season a success. OU must still win its bowl game, wherever it might be, but that will be enough.

How can it be looked at any other way?

OU lost to Texas.

Yes, it happened, but shouldn’t final judgment be made on the response? Isn’t it all about handling adversity, like what to do after losing your most important defender and, having tumbled at the Cotton Bowl, doing everything a team can do to claw its way back into the fray?

That’s what the Sooners have done this season, without backing into anything and without having luck play a role in beyond the 73-yard touchdown pass Jermaine Gresham was credited with Saturday after Sam Bradford threw a spiral so fine it skipped out of Manny Johnson’s hands like a smooth stone through water and into those of the tight end, already behind the defense.

Yet the series before Oklahoma State got away with a fumble that wasn’t so all it did was even things up and, anyway, everything’s fair in love and war and Bedlam.

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