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December 4, 2012

Sooners have no quarrel with the system that put NIU in Sugar



Still, better than playing the game of what’s-the-worst-part-of-the-system is to recognize the need for the allowance that allowed NIU to make it. Because the bigger-injustice argument — NIU, Wisconsin or Louisville — is a false one. NIU making it is right, not wrong.

How many times was Boise State left out before it beat OU at the Fiesta Bowl? How often was it made clear that the national champ wasn’t really the champion of all hundred-some-odd FBS programs, but simply the champion of the combined rosters of the six major conferences?

The mid-majors were completely shut out. An avenue getting them into the system has to be in place. It legitimizes the entirety of the FBS and, more than that, it makes it fun.

I’ll probably watch the title game. I’ll probably watch the Fiesta Bowl, Kansas State and Oregon. I’ll skip the Rose. I might skip the Sugar. But I’ll sure as heck watch NIU meet Florida State at the Orange.

And when you think about it, just how exactly did OU get the short end of anything?

The BCS bowls are supposed to be the most important games of all, but they’re still a function of who’s playing in those games.

Well, to use Herbstreit’s word, it’s the Rose that’s the “joke.” Meanwhile, the Cotton will be played in front of almost 100,000 people in the nation’s best stadium, with OU facing a Texas A&M team that would be a sleeper pick to win it all if there was a playoff this season and the Aggies were in it.

The Sooners may not be the favorite at Jerry’s World, but the matchup is classic.

Win, and it matters.

That’s what’s important.

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