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October 15, 2009

Why not Saturday for Oklahoma?

One of these days, Bob Stoops is going to make one of those tight, tough coaching calls and it's not only going to be right, but it's going to work.

One of these days, Mack Brown's going to find himself in a Red River Rivalry postgame press conference and, not being able to stand it, start answering questions for his players again.

One of these days, a Sooner star will be born at the Cotton Bowl yet again, the way Josh Heupel was in 2000 and Roy Williams the next season.

Why not Saturday?


A long time ago Bob Stoops could do nothing wrong. Remember those days?

Remember what Brent Musburger said during the broadcast when Williams went flying over the block, got his hands on Chris Simms' left arm and created the easiest walk-in interception return for a touchdown Teddy Lehman or any other defender will ever enjoy?

"Will these guys ever lose a big game?" ABC's voice of college football said. "Not today."

Well, a piece of those days can return to the Cotton Bowl. Indeed, there's reason to believe they will.

Last season's horrible decision from Stoops was not going for it on fourth-and-short late in the game when the Sooner defense, Ryan Reynolds already helped off the field, couldn't stop anything.

Earlier, Stoops made a fine choice by faking a punt, only Jermaine Gresham looked back to pick up Mike Knall, who was running with the ball, instead of continuing forward and locating his block.

The point is Stoops is due for a couple of things to happen. He's overdue to make nothing but the right call in similar spots and due for his all-along right calls to come to fruition.

Why not Saturday?

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