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May 10, 2013

Westbrook leading Thunder from the sidelines

Rehab a new experience for All-Star guard



“When I was playing on it, I was basically playing on one leg,” Westbrook said. “Kind of just hobbling around. You probably could notice, but kind of just hobbling around just trying to find a way where I can do what

I can to help my team win. And at the same time I was in pain. Once it got to halftime it got real stiff. So it was tough for me to come back and start running again and jumping. But as the game went on and the crowd is going, I’m going to continue to play and try to find a way I can help.”

Westbrook said he has seen the replay numerous times and hopes it wasn’t a dirty play.

But he isn’t planning to worry about it. His only concern is rehabbing his knee and getting back on the court.

After never missing a game since high school, he’s been reduced to a spectator for the first time in his basketball career.

“It’s different,” Westbrook said of watching from the stands. “It’s definitely different. Definitely sitting up in the sky box and kind of seeing the game from a different view, kind of like a fan. Just sitting back and kind of seeing every possession, how things are going and kind of seeing how we can do better.”

The Thunder have done what they can to help Westbrook during this time by keeping his spirits up. In return, he said he’s still offering advice and pointers even though he’s not on the floor.

That includes Kevin Durant, who has found different ways to communicate during games.

“I talk to him from time to time, basically every day,” Westbrook said. “Throughout a game and try to text him at halftime or talk to him at halftime. Just tell him what I see. Because it’s kind of hard. Playing and seeing are different things.”

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