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January 29, 2013

Can’t a guy answer a question?



The nerve of the guy.

Doesn’t the President of the United States understand he’s not supposed to have opinions like this. Doesn’t he get that there’s no place for thoughtful commentary from the likes of him?

Football, like the U.S. Armed Forces, has gotten along just fine without presidential interference for more than a century and … oh, all right, bad example.

Anyway, doesn’t he get that he’s a politician, involved in setting public policy, in appointing Cabinet members, judges and ambassadors, in kibitzing with world leaders about world-leaderly stuff? Where the heck does he get off discussing the physical welfare of his fellow Americans?


That’s enough.

I can’t keep it up.

Can’t the President of the United States be taken at face value? Can’t he answer the question given to him? Or, if he’s supposed to embrace the stupid idea that he’s forfeited the right to answer questions at face value, is he at least allowed to offer the nation reasonable food for thought?

You know, the last time he waded into college football waters, he came out against the BCS and the next time the BCS reevaluated how it determined a national champion, it came up with a four-team playoff.

Maybe it wasn’t a single presidential thought that created the playoff system that goes into effect in 2014, but it sure didn’t hurt.

Just saying.

He’s been right before.

Read his words.

How is thinking “long and hard” about football (or anything else) crazy or out of line?

There are whackadoodle youth coaches in every sport, football included, and we’re learning more and more about the long-term implications of brain injury (which is a more descriptive and accurate term than “concussion”) and old football players are dying young, sometimes by their own hand and are clearly experiencing a host of issues not suffered in anywhere near the same numbers by the general population.

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