The Norman Transcript

May 21, 2013

Curfew set, search process explained

By Jessica Bruha
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Police arrested two men on looting complaints Tuesday after homeowners saw the men and alerted authorities, said Moore Police Department spokesman Jeremy Lewis.

“Two homeowners walked up on their house, it was a house that was totally demolished, and they saw two people going through their stuff and putting things in their pocket,” Lewis said.

Authorities have not identified the men at this time.

A local television news station has also reported that a Moore resident had two shot guns stolen from their home which was damaged by the storm.

Law enforcement agencies are enforcing a curfew around the areas affected by the tornado in Moore to help prevent looting and to keep people safe, Lewis said.

“We want everyone out of the debris area by dark to continue the search effort,” Lewis said Tuesday.

The curfew was implemented Monday night. Lewis said most of the areas they are blocking off is where houses are no longer standing.

“Most of the structures are not safe, that’s why we’re not letting anyone in,” he said.

Most of the homes are not safe to spend the night in due to power outages, gas leaks Lewis said. The structures themselves are also unstable with holes in the roof and windows broken out.

Search and Rescue Process

Norman Deputy Fire Chief Jim Bailey said when first responders are finished with the search and rescue process, the search and recovery phase begins.

Markings spray painted on damaged homes, or in some cases on driveways or curbsides, indicate the structure has been searched by first responders, Bailey said. Those structures will have three different markings, indicative of the three different crews that went through and searched the home.

After this has happened, first responders will begin search and recovery. If responders are informed of anyone trapped in the home or in a storm shelter at the home, they will then go to that address and begin lifting debris from the area to search for them, Bailey said.