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June 16, 2014

Spam takes spotlight at The Deli

By Jessica Bruha
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — For 18 years, a small Campus Corner establishment known for live music and “Red Cup” beer specials has celebrated a holiday some frequent visitors feel has often been overlooked – Flag Day.

The Deli hosts Spamarama every year, holding the event as close to Flag Day as possible, said Ed Fontaine, who helps organize the event on every year. Deli faithfuls whip up their tastiest Spam dishes and voters choose their favorites.

Fontaine said at least one-third of the dish has to be made up of Spam. Some of this year’s dishes included “Great Balls of Spam”, Spam tomales, a Spam apple pie, Spam dip and Spam Octopus.

Some past dishes have included entries such as Spew (Spam Stew), chocolate-covered Spam on a stick and a Spam root beer float.

Participants can get creative with the canned meat as well. “Spamalot”, a castle made of Spam, sat on a table in front of the edible dishes on Sunday night. The castle was made by long-time bartender Bob McIntosh, affectionately known as “Barbecue Bob”.

McIntosh has also built things like the “Spamhenge” and “Spalamo” past years, Fontaine said.

“We just get together and just enjoy the company. We try to have it as close as Flag Day as we can,” he said. “We feel like Flag Day is kind of forgotten between Memorial Day and Fourth of July.”

Fontaine said in the early wars, Spam was used a lot because it didn’t spoil and it was actually a good cut of meat. According to the official SPAM website, it is comprised of two different cuts on a pig – the shoulder and the rear, where the ham portion comes from.

“Spam is actually a very traditional American food,” he said.

The canned meat originally had a five-year expiration date, but it has since been cut to three years, Fontaine said.

The event also featured live music by the “Spam Daddies”, also known as The Red Devils. Band members included band leader Red Dennis, Steve “Nargoe” Swim, Gates “Gator Bass” Miscovsky and Randall “Sticks” Coyne.

Fontaine said he hopes more people will get involved next year, helping them celebrate Flag Day with the traditional American dish.

Jessica Bruha



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