Norman teachers will see a bump in their next paychecks.

The Norman Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously during a special meeting Monday to approve the installment of state-mandated teacher raises. Each teacher in Norman Public Schools will receive a $1,220 raise to the base pay and will move up a “step” on the NPS compensation schedule.

The agreement, which was announced at the Convocation in August, includes the use of the state-mandated teacher raises from the 2018 teacher walkout. Teachers across the state marched to the state capitol building to protest their wages and to demand an increase in the minimum base salary.

Each “step” on the compensation schedule equates to one year of teaching experience and adds a slight increase to a teacher’s salary. For example, a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree earns a base salary of $37,980, while a teacher with 15 years of experience earns a base salary of $44,977. This averages to an increase of around $466 per step on the compensation schedule, and $6,997 in total.

Adding the $1,220 to the base pay ensures teachers will receive all the state-mandated raise in take home pay. This is different than adding it to total compensation, which would decrease the total amount because costs, such as retirement benefits, would be taken out of the raise.

Teachers in Norman Public Schools voted on the agreement in August. The measure required a majority “yes” vote to send the agreement to the Board of Education for ratification. Cari Elledge, president of Professional Educators of Norman, said 96% of NPS teachers voted yes on the agreement.

Elledge also said both Professional Educators of Norman and the school district agreed this was the best way to implement the pay increase.

“The school board did this right,” Elledge said. “We want to take care of our teachers, and this was by far the best way to make sure that this money was going directly to the teachers.”

Nick Migliorino, superintendent of Norman Public Schools, said the total amount of added salary for certified teachers and support staff is $3.1 million, which amounts to a 4% salary increase for each employee.

“It’s important to note that in the last two years, we have increased our teachers’ total compensation by about 20%,” Migliorino said. “That is incredibly exciting that we are able to do that. We’re also very excited to [announce] a salary increase for all other employee areas, including support staff, principals and off-scale employees.”

Linda Sexton, Board of Education president, said she is happy that the process was smooth and finished.

“At the end of the day, we do everything for the kids in this district,” Sexton said. “It feels good knowing that we are making extra efforts to support our teachers, because it helps to benefit both them and the students.”

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