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Barb Pyle teaches Yoga for Everyone at The Well at 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class is appropriate for beginners, as well as more experienced yogi.

One of the newest teachers at The Cleveland County Wellness Square (The Well) is Barb Pyle, who is teaching Yoga for Everyone, which incorporates balance, flexibility, agility and strength.

Modifications are taught so that everyone can participate whether they are beginners or accomplished yogi.

Pyle is a registered nurse and is also a certified health and wellness coach and educator through the National Institute of Whole Health.

“I believe that yoga is truly for everyone,” Pyle said. “My intention is for the classes to be accessible for all skill levels and circumstances. I offer modifications and strive to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance through my classes.”

Yoga for Everyone is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. Due to the farm market, the Tuesday class is in the main building of The Well, 210 S. James Garner Ave., while the Thursday class is taught in the Market Building. Both classes are free, but sign up at

“I have a passion for teaching others, not only about yoga, but about health and wellness,” she said. “Health is not the absence of disease but rather living your best life.

Pyle has taught at Moore Norman Technology Center on the South Penn and Norman campuses as well as at a local studio in Norman.

“I like the concept of The Well, a community wellness center accessible to all,” Pyle said. “One problem I have with the ideal of the health and wellness movement is that it typically leaves out certain populations.

“t leaves out those who will never look like the young, skinny, able-bodied and typically white individuals who are normally portrayed in magazines. Those who cannot afford classes, trainers or coaches are also left out.”

Pyle said people shouldn’t feel that they have to wear special workout clothes or have experience in yoga to attend the class.

She wants it to be accessible to all. She chose the name, Yoga for Everyone, for just that reasons, and she appreciates the things that make each person unique.

“I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories,” she said. “I’m available before and after class for questions and I encourage this. I don’t want anyone to walk away if they need questions answered, need clarification or have needs or concerns.”

Pyle enjoys watching others reach their goals and find joy in yoga.

“This includes gaining more confidence and empowerment,” she said. “I was first introduced to yoga during a high school physical education class.

“Since then, the pursuit of health and wellbeing for myself and others has been central to my sense of purpose.”

After completing training in Baxter Bell in California, she earned an instruction certification in yoga for healthy aging.

Joy Hampton is a public information officer for Cleveland County.

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