Now that we have had a taste of cool fall weather, don’t you have the desire to get into the spirit by decorating your home — specifically, your front door?

If you’re sick and tired of putting out the same old jack-o-lantern every single year, then take your front door decor to the next level this season with one of the beautiful and creative ideas below.

Whether you’re looking to go simple and elegant with a small wreath of autumn leaves, or wanting to extend your decorations onto your porch and maybe even down your walkway, there is something here for absolutely everyone.

If you’ve got limited space or are more minimalistic in your decor preferences, then all you really need to make your home cozier and seasonally inspired is something to hang on your front door.

This could be a small wreath or some type of floral, harvest corn and pinecone arrangement.

If hanging something on your door isn’t an option where you live, but you’ve got a little bit of porch room, a simple floral arrangement of mums with pumpkins could really go a long way in warming up that space.

Alternatively, if you are enthusiastic about decorating this season and want to go all out, you could completely transform the front of your home into an autumn dream.

Pumpkins, bales of straw, potted plants, scarecrows and fall leaves can all be used together to complete the look you desire. Here are some specific ideas.

Place a bale of straw on both sides of your largest step, with a large pumpkin on each one. Arrange potted mums and gourds around the straw bale and down the steps, keeping both sides symmetrical for a walkway feel.

Tie the look together with cornstalks on both sides of your door and a hanging wreath.

There is also something to be said for sticking with the basics. If you’ve got a small table you can set on your porch, place a bouquet of sunflowers and autumn leaves on it.

Surround the flowers with small pumpkins and gourds, and arrange your larger pumpkins around the table.

It’s amazing how much you can transform the front of your home by simply accenting your door frame. A great way to do this is by draping garland made of autumn leaves, pinecones and sunflowers around the front double doors. This look works well with matching wreaths.

If you’ve got a cooler-toned or more modern-looking home, a few large pumpkins and some bright yellow mums are a great option for a more classic decor.

Scatter them sparsely around your porch and stairs if you’re more minimalistic. An added rocking chair makes this the perfect place to sit on a fall day.

If you have limited porch space, hang a small wreath made of muted fall leaves on your front door for a simple, yet elegant appearance. Or if the more traditional floral wreath just isn’t for you, try hanging a wreath of cranberries on your front door.

This bold pop of color is festive, and looks great with a bright yellow bouquet in a distressed and rustic vase. Arrange candles and apples around the display.

If your house has stairs to the front door, line either side of the staircase with varying size pumpkins and dried harvest corn. At the bottom of the stairs, continue the stacked look with bales of straw.

Or if you like the idea of floral arrangements in pumpkins, don’t be afraid to experiment with different flowers. Mums and sunflowers aren’t your only options.

Try using orange and white pumpkins to display flowers like warm-colored roses and even chrysanthemums.

To accomplish a stately look this season, use some large stone vases to home mums, ferns and even large pinecones. Two simple pumpkins on either side of the door and a hanging straw and pinecone arrangement pull the look together.

A few bales of straw with bright yellow and purple mums are made even cheerier with a couple of happy scarecrows and gourds. This is a wonderful option for families with children, and makes your home appear friendly and welcoming.

However, if you’re not into pumpkins, scarecrows and straw bales, you can brighten up your staircase this fall with some potted plants. Leafy ferns, purple flowers and classic mums are beautiful.

Classic, modern, simple or elaborate, there is an option for everyone when it comes to fall decorating.


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