Do you love red in your landscape? Since today is Valentine’s day, it seems right to think about planning red flowers in your garden. There are many beautiful red perennials that do well here in Oklahoma and offer a splash of bright red color to your yard.

For spectacular, attention-getting color in the garden, nothing can outdo red flowering perennials. Red draws the eye like no other color and is a masterful complement to the greenery in the background.

Not only does red pop for humans, but it also attracts lovely hummingbirds and other wildlife to your garden.

Each perennial described below can be found in a shade of red, and each will contribute its own interesting detail to your landscaping. For instance, bleeding heart, named for its heart-shaped blooms, adds drama while cranesbill geraniums add classic beauty.

Armeria, or thrift, stands tall with its stiff stems and bears rose-red blooms for many weeks. Salvia can be planted en masse or lined up for a striking accent, and bergenia provides deep red autumn and winter color.

Saxifraga forms a low mound of green leaves underneath gorgeous red cup-shaped flowers. Daylilies with their trumpet-shaped blooms grow up to three feet tall, and each bloom lasts for only around 24 hours.

Dianthus with its red lacy flowers blooms profusely from spring into fall. Read on for a description of each of these red perennials and their characteristics.

Yarrow is an excellent perennial to grow when planning your garden. Yarrows have flat-topped clusters of tiny flowers and feathery leaves. They bloom in red, lavender, pink, white or yellow.

Yarrow bloom for over three months, from late spring to fall and they prefer full sun and well-drain to dry, slightly acidic soil, which makes them perfect for Oklahoma. Yarrow’s velvety blooms and fern-like foliage will surely add grace and elegance to your garden oasis.

You will love red valerian, Jupiter’s beard! They smell lovely and attract butterflies. Red Valerian blooms in red, pink or white, and grows to be 2 to 3 feet tall.

Valerian does well in full sun or light shade and thrives in average well-drained soil; they are suited to zones 3 to 9. Valerian, with its fragrant, star-shaped flowers also has a long blooming season and attracts birds and butterflies.

Salvia grows in just about every climate imaginable. They bloom in red, blue, pink, purple or white, and put on a big show in the summer months that could last over two months. They do prefer full sun or light shade. Salvias are drought-tolerant.

Another favorite is red Dianthus which blooms in red, pink and white. Flowers have a spicy sweet fragrance, and they grow to be 4 to 18 inches and spread 8 to 18 inches.

They prefer full sun to light shade. Make sure to deadhead regularly so that they rebloom throughout the summer and even into fall. Grow them in zones 3 to 9.

Who in Oklahoma doesn’t love Daylily? This popular perennial needs no introduction. They bloom in different colors, red being our favorite. Daylilies are super easy to grow and prefer full sun to partial shade. Always keep these plants slightly moist for maximum blooms.

Cranesbill is another excellent perennial. They bloom in different colors, but red is one of the most beautiful. Red cranesbill prefers full sun to partial shade and thrives in moist, well-drained soil.

Armeria, called Sea Thrift, is an excellent red perennial to grow near rocky cliffs near the sea.

But these plants can take a lot of rough conditions, like wind and rain. They prefer full sun to light shade, and they grow in zones 4 to 9.

Our final plant is Saxifraga, also known as red rockfoil. It is a low-growing plant which prefers light shade to deep shade. Some species thrive in loamy soil. Grow Saxifraga in zones 4-9.

All these perennials provide an amazing variety of shapes, heights, and interesting details, but are united by their spectacular red flowers. Whether you hope to add passion, drama, or just fantastic pops of color to your garden, these red perennials will become your favorites.

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