Christmas may be a few months out, but a local Christmas tree farm is kicking off the holiday season early.

The Wells Family Christmas Tree Farm, located at 4091 East Franklin Rd., is hosting its second annual Christmas Market from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 19. The family friendly event will have retail vendors, food trucks, pet adoptions and other festivities.

Katy Wells said she and her husband Jesse started the market last year to precede their movie nights, which are open to the public and are held in October and November every year.

“We open to sell trees on Thanksgiving, so I just thought it would be a neat time to kick something off earlier in the fall, where people can get outside when it’s not super hot,” Katy said. “Also, getting closer to Christmas, this vendor market is a place where people can shop for themselves, but it's also a good place to get Christmas shopping done in one place while supporting local artists and crafters.”

Katy said the purpose of the event is to invite the community to come out and learn more about the farm.

“The trees are in the background of the event, so people can see them and check out the area if they have never been here before,” Wells said. “The market centers around animals, so we like to choose a local rescue to spotlight for the event.”

This year, a portion of admission proceeds will go to the St. Francis Animal Resource Center, which started in Norman as a resource for pet owners.

“Whether they need food or they need pet supplies, if someone has fallen on hard times and can't afford food or medication for their animals, St. Francis Animal Resource Center helps them out with those resources,” Wells said.

Admission price is $5 per person either through Eventbrite or at the door, with free entry for children under three. Wells said they are doing a supply drive for St. Francis Animal Resource Center, and donations are in lieu of the admission fee.

Wells said sign up is open for the puppy yoga class, which takes place during the market. The class entails puppies and small dogs running around and playing in a large pin while participants are led by a certified yoga instructor. She said the $25 event sold out last year, but there are still spots available for sign up on their Facebook page.

“This class is for all fitness levels, it's fun, and you can come and have never stepped foot in a yoga class before,” Wells said. “You will probably get climbed on, you will probably get licked, but it’s a great place to interact and have fun with puppies.”

The rescue dogs inside the pin will be available for adoption through Second Chance Norman.

Live music starts at 12 p.m. featuring Tanner Reed, who will perform on the outdoor stage until 2 p.m. Multiple food trucks will be on site, and attendees can shop at several retail booths. Kids and adults can watch a live magician performance and play outdoor games, according to a press release.

The Wells encourage Norman to gather their friends and family to come shop and enjoy the festivities. The event will be socially distanced and masks are encouraged. More information can be found at the Wells Christmas Tree Farm Facebook page or on their website at

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