Chelsea Vaughn and fiance

Chelsea Vaughn and her fiance, Daniel Boswell, pose for a picture. 

Pregnant with a rare set of twins, Chelsea Vaughn traveled from her home in Ardmore to Norman for care at the Norman Perinatal Center.

Monoamniotic twins make up for only one in every 10,000 pregnancies, which is around 1% of all incidences of identical twins. Unlike other identical twins, monoamniotic twins share an amniotic sac and placenta fluid. Studies show monoamniotic twins are associated with a perinatal mortality rate of more than 20%, according to science direct.

On Aug. 28, Vaughn went in for her scheduled ultrasound and the ultrasound technician told her that she could not find the twin’s heartbeats. She said due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Vaughn could not have her fiance present, which made the heartbreak even worse.

“It was a traumatic experience that I had to go through by myself because of COVID-19, but because Sutton was there, she was amazing in helping to comfort me,” Vaughn said. “She was all I had at that moment.”

Vaughn said her ultrasound technician, Sutton Halferty, was essentially a stranger who she only met once before, but she was a friend and family member during that tough time.

“I saw her for my first visit, and when I came back again, I knew something was wrong right off the bat, and here I am alone in there,” Vaughn said. “She hugged me and held my hand — she was just amazing.”

Vaughn said she had names picked out for her boys, which she gave birth to on Aug. 31, but she did not have a middle name for Kai David’s brother Dax.

“I decided to name him Dax Sutton after her, because she was everything in that moment to me,” Vaughn said. “She has no idea I named him after her either.”

Vaughn said she wanted Halferty to know that she chose her name to honor her being such a wonderful person. She said she could have sent her a letter or called her, but wanted to do something more.

“The whole reason behind me wanting to give her some recognition is I actually lost my babies on Friday and I gave birth to them on Monday,” Vaughn said. “She did everything she could and she didn’t have to do that. It was just human compassion.”

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