Bruce Goodin, a 14-year resident of the ODVA in Norman, is a paraplegic who speaks with the aid of a microphone and amplifier on his electric wheelchair, but he’s unable to use his arms and legs. 

“I was in a car accident and have been paralyzed from the neck down ever since,” Goodin said.

Veterans Corner on State Highway 9 partnered with the Norman VFW post to purchase Goodin a computer “mouse” that is driven by eye movement. The mouse is mounted on top of the computer in Goodin’s room, allowing him to communicate with his caregivers as well as friends on the web. Jim Tucker, Art Sipes, and Fred Zacher presented Goodin the mouse. 

“The new eye mouse camera will let me send emails and use my computer once again. Thank you, Veterans Corner and VFW Post 4890,” Goodin said. 


• Surviving spouses: Surviving spouses receive special attention at Veterans Corner. Many times when the veteran dies, their spouse is left with very little income.

If the veteran’s death is caused by a service-connected disability, the spouse may be entitled to DIC (dependents indemnity compensation) back to the date of death. Otherwise, based on income, they may be eligible for pension.

“When someone is trying to live on a $500 per month Social Security check, an additional $400 per month will sure help their quality of life” Patti Hanks said. “Please call me at 387-2551 and I would be happy to prepare the paperwork and submit your claim.” 


• Donate unused items and help veterans: Veterans Corner will host a three-day parking lot sale starting March 31. If you are cleaning out your garage, or have some items laying around that you would like to donate, Veterans Corner would be glad to include them in the sale.

All proceeds will help support veterans’ needs. 

Donated items can be dropped off at the Veterans Corner building any time before March 30. Price your items to assist Veterans Corner in selling them for what they are worth. For more information, call Betty Bromlow at 623-4565.

• Building project needs: Veterans Corner is in need of a bricklayer to volunteer time to build a fire fit and benches. It will complete the north patio project and make it available of cookouts or just visiting around a campfire.

Another urgent need is for some time of earth-moving equipment to finish the retention pond and build the flag plaza pad. It will take about eight to 10 hours to move and level the dirt. Call John Carter at 202-1999 if you would like to help.

Volunteers from Veterans Corner can help with both projects but lack the knowledge and equipment to complete the task.

• Benevolence: Veterans Corner has food boxes and money available to help veterans or surviving spouses with groceries, rent, utilities or medical expense. Call Jerry Baxter at 833-0773 with any questions.

Sam Knight, one of the drivers, loves to plant a garden. He is in need of a rear tine tiller to work the ground behind the building to plant tomatoes and other vegetables, for anyone who likes fresh produce right from the garden. Call Sam at 808-5096 if you can help.

• Medical equipment: Veterans Corner has wheel chairs (manual and electric), walkers and various other items to help veterans with limited mobility. If you or someone you know needs medical equipment, visit Veterans Corner and ask a volunteer for assistance.

• Transportation: If you need a ride to a medical appointment or would like to visit Veterans Corner, call a driver to schedule an appointment: Greg Kelsch, 255-2208; Richard Judd, 573-0926 or Sam Knight, 808-5096.

Veterans Corner has three vans available, including one with a wheelchair lift.

• About Veterans Corner: Veterans Corner is located just south of Norman, two miles west of Interstate 35 Exit 106 on the north side of Highway 9 (west of Riverwind Casino).

The facility is open from 8 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. They offer extended hours from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursdays. Claims assistance continues each day until everyone is helped. 

Call Veterans Corner at 387-5070 for more information. It is a 501(c)(3) organization; all gifts are tax deductible. They can be sent to: Veterans Corner, P.O. Box 722160, Norman, OK 73070-8635. 

Your help is needed because there is never a charge to veterans or surviving spouses for any help provided.

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