We provide the local news about Edmond people, places and things you can’t get anywhere else.

We are a local business. We own homes in Edmond, and our kids and grandchildren live in Edmond. We eat at your restaurants, bank at Edmond banks, play at Edmond facilities, buy clothes and groceries at Edmond stores. We pay taxes that go into our schools and our government services, and we care about the quality of the education and services our community offers. In fact, we’re watching every penny spent and every decision made by our elected officials and our public servants.

For those who have supported our work throughout the years, we thank you.

Someone has to continually be the watchdog in every community. That’s what we do at The Edmond Sun. We can’t just sit idly by reporting on entertainment activities available to Edmond residents, business press releases, or just reprinting stories written by the daily newspaper in Oklahoma City. We must delve deeper into the issues and tell how they impact Edmond residents, and why Edmond residents should either be concerned about something occurring in Edmond, or be proud of something going on in our community. 

You can’t rely on government to tell its own story. While everyone has a job to do, a public information officer, much less a complete department of public relations employees, are only there to tell the positive things that happen in the community. They cannot police themselves or their employers. 

Someone unaffiliated with government has to be watching. Again, that’s what we proudly and passionately do.

We are a local business with 27 local people employed, and we need your support to continue with the important service we provide to Edmond.

In general, about two thirds of our revenue comes from advertising and about one third from subscriptions. We charge advertisers for the ability to reach and engage with our audiences. Advertisers pay based on how many people their ads will reach and also how many people click on their ads. They want engaged users, not just a lot of eyeballs. 

Right now, more people than usual are turning to us for news. But when local businesses suffer, they often spend less on marketing and promotions. The cancellation of just one big ad contract could cost us thousands of dollars a month. Our finances typically reflect the state of the local economy. The bottom line is that a surge in online traffic to our website is not likely to offset the decline in advertising revenue. That brings us to the other one third of our income: subscriptions. For us to continue to serve you during this tough economy, we will rely more than ever on your financial support. If your budget allows for it, please subscribe.

To the many, many loyal Edmond subscribers we have, and to all who support The Edmond Sun — thank you!

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