Grant Huddleston

Edmond resident Grant Huddleston organizing a delivery of bread from Panera Bread to the HOPE Center.

Grant Huddleston finds opportunities to help people through his love of Jesus Christ.

Last year Huddleston was part of a University of Central Oklahoma work study program at the HOPE Center of Edmond. He wanted to work in a place where he felt needed. So this year he became part of the HOPE Center staff. 

He is someone you should know.

“I really like the opportunity to help people, so that’s why I stayed,” said Huddleston, 19. “It makes me feel really good because some people aren’t as privileged as others. Everybody has a smile on their face.”

Next Saturday is the kick-off date for HOPE Center’s Christmas Samaritan Fund Drive, sponsored by The Edmond Sun.

More than one third of HOPE Center’s charity depends on generous donors to the Samaritan Fund Drive. Every dollar counts in the life of a child or elder who chooses between utility bills and prescriptions. This season’s goal is to raise more than $150,000 for temporary emergency services for families and individuals facing an acute crisis such as unemployment, sickness, hunger, divorce and/or the inability to pay utility bills. HOPE Center helps expectant mothers and infants with health care and nutrition.

On Tuesday Huddleston was organizing a delivery from Panera Bread, who donates bread to HOPE Center on a regular basis.

“We get to bag it up and hand it out to people who can’t afford food. We also give them bagels and stuff as well,” said Huddleston, a former baseball pitcher at Edmond Santa Fe who is changing his major to industrial safety.

Some HOPE Center clients have told him their transportation is difficult because they don’t have a car. Others tell Huddleston their homes are cold without any heating.

“These clothes and this food really helps them out in the winter time,” Huddleston said.

Every single donation is a blessing to the HOPE Center of Edmond, said Chris Sperry, executive director. HOPE Center not only depends on financial donations, but also the 200-plus volunteers donating their time and energy for the welfare of others.

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