Elizabeth Foreman

Elizabeth Foreman is Ward 6 new council member following the election against incumbent Bill Scanlon. 

Elizabeth Foreman defeated her Norman City Council Ward 6 opponent, incumbent Bill Scanlon, by nearly 5 percent of the total votes, preliminary results from the Oklahoma Election Board showed Tuesday night.

Results revealed Scanlon received 47.5% while Foreman gained 52.5% of the votes.

Foreman said she was elated and humbled by the results.

“You never know how these things are going to go,” she said. “I like Bill, and I think he’s a really great person and I’m thankful for his willingness to serve. Everyone knows that politics in Norman is really involved. It can be very overwhelming, and so I am excited. I’m ready to take on the challenges.”

Her priorities for change will be focused on the budget, she said. Foreman is the finance director for the OU’s Health Sciences Center campus police department.

“We still have a lot of financial issues with the pandemic. Our sales tax revenue is going to be low. We have the bond package coming up for vote in August. So we still have a lot of financial issues I’m still very interested in.”

Foreman reflected on how the issues have changed since she filed for the seat when the University North Park tax increment finance district was a heated subject in the community. The pandemic and the protests against police brutality and racial disparity have come to the forefront, she said.

“When I started this, I told (voters) I’m an accountant at a police department. The department was not a factor, and now that’s the part people care about. For me, working at a police department, I have an understanding of that but on the other side of that, these officers know that their profession has been hijacked by some bad people (cops). We need to make the residents who feel targeted and unsafe feel better, and then we need to make sure that the good men and women that we have in uniform are allowed to do their jobs and equip them with every resource that we can and bring the community together around that.”

Scanlon said he plans to continue volunteer work with the homeless committee, court mediation and for the Norman Police Department.

“The people have spoken,” Scanlon said. “It’s been a tough campaign, especially in these last weeks during the pandemic. I want to thank everyone who supported me. I have no regrets and no sorrows.”

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