Where fantasy meets football you have ? well, fantasy football.

For those who haven't heard of it, the one-line explanation is you pick a group of NFL players for your team and then their performances in actual games on Sunday and Monday give you points which are then matched up against another owner's points.

For those who have heard of it and are hooked, you need no more explanation.

And you also know that the people who tend to the best at the "sport" are the sort who really don't know what they're doing. Apparently, it's their offseason activity before they go win the NCAA basketball office pool by picking teams based on the mascot names.

"Fantasy Football?" a female Universal Joint colleague asked when I mentioned it several weeks ago. "Wow, sounds like a great way to make football more interesting."

"Well, you've missed the point, it's not really that kind of fantasy," I replied.

"Oh, too bad," she sighed, realizing those weekends with the hubby still were going to be just as dull, with him on the couch glued to the TV and her doing her knitting, or whatever a non-football fan does in these parts on a weekend.

Our league has a nice mix of folks, several diehards, several know-it-alls, a guy (me) who in addition to running the league has the worst team every year. We also have Mrs. Potts, who has put together one of the best teams the last two years despite needing my help every step of the way. Maybe I should have helped my own team out.

I read something last year that thousands of on-the-job hours nationally are blown every Monday by folks trying to add up how their teams did. I'm happy to report I get most of that out of the way before my shift starts, as do all other league members who happen to sit in this building.

It does a bring a little more interest to those NFL games that otherwise wouldn't be very interesting. But for those of us who are diehards, we already didn't need much reason.

In the words of our Sports Editor ? here are another few things ?

John Roberts is in on the Supreme Court after weeks off debate about his qualifications. Call me naive or maybe just not understanding of the rules, but I can't see why the new guy gets installed as Chief Justice. Doesn't it make more sense to have someone who's been paying their dues on the court for years move up to that spot?

So there will be lottery tickets around these parts soon. Let's hope the people who need to be careful with every dollar won't be blowing them trying to get really lucky. I fear those are idle hopes, though.

So, let's hope this really does raise some money to do some good in our state and keeps those same people from feeling like they have to drive to Kansas for their lottery fix.

I know we worry about tornadoes every spring and summer in this part of the country, but from the wildfires and earthquakes in California, the hurricanes in Florida, the southeast and the Gulf Coast and the nasty cold north of us, we may not have it as bad as we think.

So basketball's New Orleans Hornets are coming to Oklahoma City, at least for a season. I was actually a fan of the old Charlotte Hornets when they started their team in the late 1980s, kind of the underdog thing, since they were so bad then. This version of the Hornets was one of the NBA's worst teams last year, but bad play on the basketball court was put in perspective by everything that has gone on in their city the past five weeks.

Let's hope local fans can make their young team feel at home for a season and that they'll get back to normal as soon as possible. As normal as can be anyway for 12 guys younger than me getting paid more than I'll make before I'm 50.

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