Unamerican? Think again, Cole

To the Editor

Friends and neighbors. Tom Cole recently in this paper labeled Democratic legislation designed to save Earth from climate catastrophe and guarantee all Americans access to health care and a decent wage “Unamerican”.

What has the leader of Cole’s party done in Cole’s name and with Cole’s support?

Cole is OK with Trump failing to report Russia's offer of help in his campaign.

Cole is OK with Trump ordering the Special Counsel's firing and for firing the FBI's Director and the Attorney General for allowing him to be investigated.

Cole is OK—even as he said he was on the military’s side in today’s paper—with sending the military to the border as a campaign stunt.

Cole is OK with Trump blocking constitutional congressional oversight.

And Cole, who likely hasn’t even cracked the Mueller report, is OK that 1000 former prosecutors say they'd charge Trump on obstruction based on the evidence in that report.

My grandma said that folks will accuse you of the things they most fear in themselves.

Unamerican, Tom?


Mike Kaspari


On changing street names, removing monuments

Since the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers removal of Kate Smith rendition of “God Bless America”. I have debated with myself at whether I should write this letter which I am sure will offend someone. According to the self appointed guardians of political correctness Kate Smiths sin was recording of song in 1931 containing lyrics some consider offensive to today’s sensibilities. Even though the same song was also recorded by Paul Robeson. This is just one instance in a long line of past offenses which do not conform to today’s devotion to political correctness. What did this accomplish ? It deprived those audiences of an iconic rendition of one of the most patriotic songs of the past.

In Norman the City Council changed the name of DeBarr Street to what avail. The only result of the action was to satisfy the ego of the activist’s that dragged up the fact of Mr. DeBarr’s affiliations with the KKK. Changing names and removing flags and monuments will not change the past, but if carried to the extreme will cause the loss of the lessons of history.

This obsession with not offending any one has gone way too far. Two not too bright young women at OU put on black face and uttered racial slur on social media. It was treated as the University was a hotbed of racism. Then a young man appears in blackface on Campus Corner and the hue and cry starts again. Doesn’t anybody realize that these are college students and students do stupid things. We preach tolerance, but are intolerant of this whose view do not agree with ours. The First Amendment states that “congress shall …abridge the freedom of speech…”. That guarantee is the not limited to speech that is in agreement with our opinions it guarantees the all speech including that which is hateful or racist or vulgar. Nor every slight from the past is a reason to go to social media and create a fire storm of comment decrying the slight.

Edward R. Adwon


It’s a good time to hear from seniors

Now that the senior center has a location, I would ask the leadership from all of the senior interest groups to encourage the city to fund a mail-in survey to all seniors in Norman.

I know some believe we already know everything we need to build this senior center. Some say that a survey would needlessly delay the senior center, and that we don’t need a survey to “reinvent the wheel”.

I don’t know much about the history of the wheel. But it safe to say that even though the basic shape may not have changed, the quality of the wheel has improved by the direct input of wheel users. Generations of wheel users continue to benefit from wheel user pioneers.

In this same way, future Norman seniors will directly benefits from the input and wisdom of our current Norman seniors. We just need to ask them first.

I’m not sure if a survey would significantly delay the senior center, but no one can say with any degree of certainty what seniors need and want from a senior center in this community.

We have heard what thoughtful senior leaders and impassioned senior activists think on this subject, but we don’t know anything about the disenfranchised senior majority.

We in Norman take pride in our position on inclusion and diversity. This is one of those opportunities to put that into practice.

A professionally managed survey could include a needs assessment, a likelihood of use measure, an interest in participating in the center development, as well as a demographic and transportation assessment. Yes, this is a lot of information.

A properly executed survey done at this stage will provide invaluable information and it will raise project awareness among our immediate target audience.

If we really have 24,000 seniors in Norman, then we owe it each of them to engage them early and often to increase this projects likelihood of success for everyone’s benefit in Norman.

Yes, a good survey is expensive, but not as expensive as an underutilized community resource. How do we find theses seniors you ask? I would start with the registered voter database. Lots of seniors are active voters too.

In closing, thank you senior leaders and city council persons for supporting the success of this projects. Now let’s reach out and hear from the thousands of Norman seniors in our inclusive community.

Paul Arcaroli

Norman Senior Person