Real estate sales of $75,000 and above, as recorded by the office of Cleveland County Clerk Dorinda Harvey.

June 20-30

2316 Lafayette, Norman, $93,000. Buyer, Monty Williams and Merindy L. Yeary. Seller, Cleveland County Sheriff.

3220 SW 107th Place, Oklahoma City, $85,000. Buyer, Jeffrey D. and Elizabeth R. Groh. Seller, Carl S. and Deena K. Weinacht.

S/2, SE/4, Section 4, T10N, R1E (80 acres northwest of 104th St. SE and Luther Road), $80,000. Buyer, Banner Homes LLC. Seller, Richard and Juanita K. Mixer.

Lot 21, Block 2, Meadowood Estates, Norman, $95,000. Buyer, James A. Howell. Seller, SFVJ 2003 LLC.

Lot 23, Block 2, Summit Lakes 3, Norman, $206,000. Buyer, Gary G. and Jane A. Gookin. Seller, Darrell W. and Kira R. Simon.

Lots 7 -- 8, Block 18, Classen-Miller, Norman, $140,000. Buyer, Billy J. and Kimberly Grant, Jr. Seller, Linda Lankister Properties LLC.

3613 Barwick Drive, Norman, $191,000. Buyer, Andrew L. and Cassandra N. Gilman. Seller, Brian and Kimberly D. Morris.

4101 Nicole Place, Norman, $207,000. Buyer, Darren T. and Debra D. Gose. Seller, Laszlo and Ernese Tihanyi.

1160 Robinhood Lane, Norman, $140,000. Buyer, Benjamin E. and Adelle B. Brewer III. Seller, Andrew J. and Cassandra N. Gilman.

Block 7, Miley Acreage, Oklahoma City, $650,000. Buyer, Sanjay A. and Asha S. Patel. Seller, BTS Joint Venture, Inc.

L ot 3, Block 2, Ranchwood Manor, Oklahoma City, $147,500. Buyer, Robert E. and Louise Cowan, Jr. Seller, Mitchell Family Trust.

904 NW 2nd St., Moore, $115,000. Buyer, George W. and Lauren C. Knight, Jr. Seller, Sooner Homebuilders LLC.

2301 Natchez Drive, Norman, $100,000. Buyer, Jaime E. M. Lopez and Claudia E. Murcia. Seller, J. Lindall and Lisa A. Cadena.

Lot 21, Block 7, Southridge, $94,500. Buyer, Fernando Gonzalez Seller, Jeffrey A. and Mary Scammahorn.

2032 Elie St., Norman, $191,000. Buyer, Daniel A. and Ashley M. Nickel. Seller, Muirfield Homes LLC.

112 SW 133rd St., Oklahoma City, $191,000. Buyer, Connie C. Frejo. Seller, Brent D. and Tammy K. Robinson.

Bldg. 3, Unit 114, The Edge at Norman Condos, $114,000. Buyer, Hal Browning. Seller, Edge At Norman LLC.

224 SW 30th St., Moore, $145,000. Buyer, Raoul B. Rubio. Seller, Vesta Homes, Inc.

3000 Highland Ridge Drive, Norman, $269,000. Buyer, Tommy D. and Judith F. Neaves. Seller, Coppergate Homes, Inc.

1923 Oakhollow Drive, Norman, $100,000. Buyer, Robert M. Waller III. Seller, Joshua and Sara M. Dorton.

513 Clover Road, Moore, $83,500. Buyer, Sharon K. Von Schriltz. Seller, Terry L. Scaffetta.

829 SW 40th Place, Moore, $153,000. Buyer, Pat W. Billings. Seller, Avadon Homes LLC.

Lot 8, Block 7, Ranchwood Manor 2, $185,000. Buyer, David J. Blair. Seller, Richard S. Cupit.

636 NE 16th St., Moore, $94,000. Buyer, Mark Normandin. Seller, Tracy L. North.

10624 Woodridden, Oklahoma City, $279,000. Buyer, R. Thompson Development. Seller, Canadian Capital Co.

Lot 12, Block 2, Crystal Gardens at Greenbriar, $140,000. Buyer, Barbara J. Bluhm. Seller, Sooner Traditions.

2508 Waterleaf Drive, Norman, $106,500. Buyer, Charlotte M. Coffey. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

2028 Oak Drive, Moore, $190,000. Buyer, Gary M. Stinnett. Seller, Nester and Lauren Escobales.

509 Leopard Lily, Norman, $94,500. Buyer, Sean M. Dudgeon. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

5112 SE 92nd St., Oklahoma City, $97,000. Buyer, Helen E. McCarter. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

848 SW 10th St., Moore, $75,000. Buyer, Jeffrey R. Vining. Seller, Diana L. Carpenter Estate.

2317 Morninglory Drive, Oklahoma City, $111,500. Buyer, Donna R. Dunsmore. Seller, James B. and Beckie S. Meeks.

1608 NE 6th St., Moore, $88,000. Buyer, Travis L. Doussette and Jayme B. Medley-Doussette. Seller, Randal P. and Jessica N. Weaver.

9908 Commonwealth Place, Oklahoma City, $248,000. Buyer, Jeffrey G. Williams. Seller, Francis and Annie Justine.

10513 S. Sunnylane, Oklahoma City, $135,000. Buyer, RJC Trust. Seller, John H. Lamunyon.

312 SW 102nd St., Oklahoma City, $144,000. Buyer, John W. and Jennie M. McFadden. Seller, Betty M. Cernosek.

208 SW 30th St., Moore, $131,500. Buyer, Melissa K. Morris. Seller, Brian K. Wise and John N. and Carol Woods.

618 S. Lahoma, Norman, $160,000. Buyer, Mark B. Yeary. Seller, Glen W. and Denise G. Vernon.

1121 Pinehurst Drive, Norman, $214,000. Buyer, Terry D. and Kristyne L. Clark. Seller, Riverchase Development Corp.

7201 Nutmeg, Norman, $202,000. Buyer, Michael S. Ferguson. Seller, Louis J. and Kristy J. Wicker.

Lots 3 -- 4, Block 13, Southridge, Norman, $85,000. Buyer, Ernest W. and Sherry L. Harmon. Seller, Margaret L. Sugg and Robert W. and Merry A. Sugg.

10524 SE 175th St., Norman, $120,000. Buy er, Larry Harris. Seller, Philip and Lisa Vellekamp.

Lot 9, Block 10, Oakhurst 4, Norman, $83,500. Buyer, J.T. Whitson and W. Brent and Lisa M. Whitson. Seller, Michael and Ann Wasinger.

4609 Greystone Court, Norman, $384,500. Buyer, Raymond L. and Rhonda J. Morgan. Seller, McSha Homes, Inc.

1406 Brookside Drive, Norman, $210,000. Buyer, Wendy K. Gram and Mary K. Dinger. Seller, Robert L. Hill and Kristiann C. Heesch.

4700 Aberdeen Court, Norman, $242,500. Buyer, Richard H. and Sheri E. Straughn. Seller, Dipak K. Sinha Living Trust and Shipra Sinha Living Trust.

15505 Stone Meadows Drive, Oklahoma City, $117,500. Buyer, Kimberly A. Tournear. Seller, Remy A. and Stephanie Oosterling.

524 SW 160th St., Oklahoma City, $147,500. Buyer, Roman G. and Cristin H. Chavez. Seller, Baer Hall Homes Corp.

2405 Larkhaven, Norman, $135,000. Buyer, Todd D. Pearo. Seller, Michael T. Lewchuk and Lisa Del Col.

1525 Goldfinch Court, Norman, $225,000. Buyer, Remy A. and Stephanie Oosterling. Seller, William L. and Rita J. Greeson, dba Northstar Homes.

225 SW 137th Terrace, Oklahoma City, $197,500. Buyer, Rick J. and Cathy J. Schwartz. Seller, Design Development Service, Inc.

1612 Tudor Drive, Moore, $105,000. Buyer, Jessica K. Elwell. Seller, Sammie L. Smith.

3004 SW 129th St., Oklahoma City, $122,000. Buyer, George E. and Jeanette C. Rosson. Seller, Larry W. and Sherryl D. Edmonds.

2829 SW 107th St., Oklahoma City, $169,500. Buyer, Larry W. and Sherryl D. Edmonds. Seller, Melami Mouse.

Lots 2 -- 3, Heights Estates, Noble, $112,500. Buyer, Bill and Betty Kinsey. Seller, Harvey G. and Patty E. Mallory.

Lot 1, Block 1, Bel-Aire 3, Norman, $145,000. Buyer, French Investment Management LLC. Seller, Donald T. and Amy J. Stevens.

N/2, SE/4, Section 15, T10N, R4W (80 acres northwest of 134th St. SE and Meridian), $780,000. Buyer, Williamson Farms LLC. Seller, Charles K. and Reta G. Shroyer.

NE/4 -- NW/4, Section 15, T10N, R4W, Oklahoma City (320 acres southwest of 119th St. SE and Meridian), $468,000. Buyer, Williamson Farms LLC. Seller, Burkett Family Trust.

NE/4, Section 15, T10N, R4W, Oklahoma City (160 acres southwest of 119th St. SE and Meridian), $1,581,000. Buyer, Williamson Farms LLC. Seller, Laura E. Love and Paula M. Love.

1012 Hearthstone Drive, Norman, $288,000. Buyer, Trent R. and Heather B. Wells. Seller, Vincent F. Marcheselli.

4204 Applegate Drive, Moore, $116,500. Buyer, Hugh D. and Susan E. Rosser. Seller, High Strive Construction LP.

1417 Lincolnshire Road, Oklahoma City, $123,500. Buyer, Patrick J. and Tracy A. Penka. Seller, Thomas A. Hughes.

13601 Hillahay Drive, Oklahoma City, $239,000. Buyer, Paul M. James, Jr. Seller, Kings Castle Homes, Inc.

Lot 12, Block 4, Highland Park 2, Norman, $105,000. Buyer, William A. and Brandy M. Glover. Seller, Brad A. and Michelle M. Moss.

SW/4, Section 1, T9N, R3W, Norman (160 acres northeast of 24th Ave. N.W. and Franklin Road), $122,500. Buyer, Teague Business Properties. Seller, Ron and Jane Alexander.

11004 Blueberry Drive, Oklahoma City, $175,000. Buyer, Ryan M. Smith. Seller, J.D. and Donita S. Huff.

2404 Piccadilly Circle, Moore, $85,000. Buyer, Andrea M. Wilson. Seller, Von E. and Patricia J. Henry.

1017 SW 1st St., Moore, $92,500. Buyer, Jim W. Gravitt. Seller, Tony Goodman.

4808 South Creek Drive, Moore, $268,000. Buyer, Thomas G. and Anne C. Dugan. Seller, Home First, Inc.

Lot 37, Apple Village 1, $110,500. Buyer, Katherine Kanes. Seller, Legion Properties LLC.

2501 East Hills Drive, Moore, $200,000. Buyer, Salon 2000, Inc. Seller, Swyden -- Sons Investments.

517 SW 125th Terrace, Oklahoma City, $160,000. Buyer, James R. Harris, Jr. and Carolyn E. Harrist Trust. Seller, Jill R. White.

825 SW 39th St., Moore, $134,000. Buyer, Shaun P. Lloyd. Seller, Construction Consultants, Inc.

400 Riverside Drive, Moore, $290,000. Buyer, Benjamin B. Petrosuis. Seller, BKI Design -- Construction, Inc.

2205 Meridian Drive, Norman, $94,000. Buyer, George and Shirley Howell. Seller, Ronny and Linda Hawkins.

3909 Warrington Way, Norman, $260,000. Buyer, Jason A. and Kyla Y. Clemons. Seller, Landmark Fine Homes LLC.

14104 Paddle Wheel Place, Oklahoma City, $173,500. Buyer, Christopher L. and Erin M. Bollman. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

17208 Vitoria Drive, Oklahoma City, $158,000. Buyer, Jeremy A. Brewer and Allison R. Moorehead. Seller, Best Homes, Inc.

932 SW 156th St., Oklahoma City, $106,000. Buyer, Douglas E. Smith. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

13225 Eastvalley Road, Oklahoma City, $107,000. Buyer, John and Casey R. Petherick. Seller, Ken and Delinda Sturges.

425 Leopard Lilly Drive, Norman, $109,000. Buyer, Wade A. and Tina M. Henderson. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

N/2, Section 19, T8N, R1W (320 acres southeast of 60th Ave. S.E. and Post Oak Road), $324,000. Buyer, Terra Verde LLC. Seller, Shirley A. Malone Trust.

Lots 17-25, Block 1, Lexington Old Town, $100,000. Buyer, Randall C. and Gracia L. Whitehead. Seller, David B. Dunlap.

Unit 238, The Nottingham Condos 2, $79,000. Buyer, Zachary Berglan. Seller, Taylor E. Wilhite and Wayne and Tracey I. Veal.

Lot 7, Block 3, Rolling Hills Estates, Norman, $192,000. Buyer, Eugene A. and Sherry L. Haas. Seller, Matthew C. Cecil and Jennifer M. Tiernan.

3100 St. Thomas Ave., Moore, $92,000. Buyer, Kenneth D. Griffith. Seller, Douglas W. and Patricia B. Heath.

Lot 72, Sunrise Hill, $76,000. Buyer, Barrett W. and Ashley C. Hall. Seller, Jeffrey D. and Shannon M. Gormley.

532 SW 158th Terrace, Oklahoma City, $157,000. Buyer, Tracy L. North. Seller, Dub Stone Construction Co.

Lot 4, Block 3, Calistoga Crossing 1, Oklahoma City, $299,500. Buyer, Tommy J. Davidson and Mark A. Davidson. Seller, Heritage Fine Homes LLC.

517 Leopard Lily Drive, Norman, $118,000. Buyer, Ruby E. Stober and Juan Rodriguez. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

4301 Stansbury Circle, Norman, $188,500. Buyer, Kevin P. and Gena R. Jackson. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

3505 Quail Run Drive, Moore, $135,500. Buyer, Stephen T. Lutz. Seller, Lewis W. Hodge, Jr. and Wileen N. O'Sullivan.

904 W. Robinson, Norman, $85,000. Buyer, Russell J. and Cynthia A. Spink. Seller, Phillip L. and Lisa M. Stambeck.

414 Litchfield Lane, Norman, $615,000. Buyer, Jonathan D. and Laura J. Horn. Seller, Southwest Capital Group LLC.

5970 East Rock Creek Road, Norman, $240,000. Buyer, Chester G. and Tamy L. Fry. Seller, Michael and Deedra C. Earl.

NE/4, Section 8, T6N, R1W (160 acres southwest of State Highway 39 and 84th Ave. S.E.), $110,000. Buyer, Albert E. Perkins. Seller, Ola Mae Tompkins Living Trust.

1899 Saddleback Blvd., No. 11, Norman, $125,000. Buyer, Lindsey Von Oliver. Seller, Earnest E. and Joan R. Matthews Trust.

501 Prestwick St., Norman, $157,000. Buyer, Jay M. and Geraldine M. Johnson. Seller, Marcus W. and Patricia A. Fuller.

3309 Heather Glen Terrace, Norman, $126,000. Buyer, Marcus W. and Patricia A. Fuller. Seller, Mohr Construction Cos., Inc.

3609 Joseph Circle, Norman, $150,500. Buyer, Hyunsock Lee, Jiyoon Lee and Younseung Yang. Seller, Terry D. and Kristyne L. Clark.

10151 120th Ave., Lexington, $95,500. Buyer, Walter E. and Marian A. Bowling. Seller, Richard M. Bergstrom.

15400 E. Etowah Road, Noble, $154,000. Buyer, Eric and Kimberly Olesen. Seller, Walter E. and Marian Bowling.

9413 Checkerbloom Drive, Oklahoma City, $197,500. Buyer, Jay D. Blakeslee. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

15501 Acacia Road, Oklahoma City, $116,500. Buyer, Richard P. and Maureen R. Agnew. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

309 S. Patterson Drive, Moore, $91,500. Buyer, Robert J. and Rebecca Miklavic. Seller, Shawn J. and Jennifer Jeter.

7280 By Drive, Norman, $135,000. Buyer, Stephen J. Szczesny. Seller, Robert R. and Nancy L. Main.

2905 Redwood Drive, Norman, $114,500. Buyer, Heath F. Isenbart, Fred A. Isenbart and Lana Isenbart. Seller, Michael S. and Paula A. Youngling.

Lot 11, Block 1, Greenbriar Kingswood 2, Oklahoma City, $290,000. Buyer, Leslie W. Muse. Seller, Deutsche Bank -- Trust Co. Americas.

1301 SW 25th St., Moore, $96,500. Buyer, Emil R. and Eva J. Stehr. Seller, Glen and Ola Burns.

805 Tioga Circle, Norman, $108,000. Buyer, Thomas and Suzanne Price. Seller, Robert M. and Joy B. Robinson.

5700 N. Broadway, Norman, $90,000. Buyer, Kathy R. Hester. Seller, Billie and Margie Gough.

1422 SW 137th Terrace, Oklahoma City, $230,000. Buyer, Ray L. and Ellen Chambers. Seller, Heritage Fine Homes.

10415 Greenbriar Place, Oklahoma City, $127,000. Buyer, Charles C. Henson. Seller, Ray L. and Ellen M. Chambers.

8136 SW 104th St., Oklahoma City, $330,000. Buyer, Robert A. and Barbara A. Gomez. Seller, TMJ Enterprises LLC.

2608 SW 113th St., Oklahoma City, $180,000. Buyer, Donald C. and Carol J. Bays. Seller, Edward R. and Sharon C. King.

Lot 7B, Block 23, Baers Westmore 5, $106,500. Buyer, Jacob J. Henderson. Seller, Edna S. Welch.

3212 SW 102nd St., Oklahoma City, $129,500. Buyer, William L. Armstrong. Seller, Andrea M. Frey.

2408 Bellaire, Moore, $105,500. Buyer, Jonathan Prykryl. Seller, Vincent and Patti Precilla.

2608 Lauriston Drive, Norman, $370,000. Buyer, Gregory J. and Rebecca K. Poe. Seller, Foster M. Mullen.

4709 S. Creek Drive, Moore, $275,000. Buyer, Daniel J. and Bernadette A.T. Keeler. Seller, Harold and Sue VanHook.

3612 Joseph Circle, Norman, $169,000. Buyer, S. Craig and Cynthia K. Taliaferro. Seller, David W. and Angela R. Johnson.

1300 Winding Creek Road, Moore, $120,000. Buyer, Michael B. Bell. Seller, Lee F. and Jean C. Haney.

12750 E. Tecumseh Road, Norman, $92,500. Buyer, Shon D. and Maripat Elroy. Seller, Casey and Fern A. Caudle.

12750 E. Tecumseh Road, Norman, $92,500. Buyer, Shon D. and Maripat Elroy. Seller, Frank A. and Wanda Shellenberger.

4700 SE 139th St., Oklahoma City, $151,000. Buyer, Keith W. and April R. Green. Seller, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.

1808 Grassland Circle, Norman, $113,000. Buyer, Jonathan E. and Julia Fisher. Seller, Tiffany D Q Co., Ltd.

Lot 1, Block 11, Vineyard Phase II PUD, $88,500. Buyer, Jack L. and Janie M. Morrison. Seller, Applewood Construction LLC.

Lot 9, Block 11, Skyview Village, $85,500. Buyer, Joshua P. Bryant. Seller, Jeremy W. and Lisa D. Roddy.

17 SW 141st St., Oklahoma City, $85,900. Buyer, Anthony A. Snell. Seller, Lewis and Brandy Chambers.

2131 Park View Drive, Oklahoma City, $89,000. Buyer, Julia L. Williams and Laura Jett. Seller, Jeffrey M. and Vicki R. Sears.

Lots 25 through 32, Block 29, Norman O.T., $154,000; Buyer, Ivan Goodman. Seller, South Porter Properties, L.L.C.

Lot 21, Block 1, Maple Ridge Blk. 1-2, $172,600; Buyer, John R. Jr., and Judy C. Shields. Seller, Seventy Eight Robinson LLC.

Lot 24, Apple Village 01, $110,500; Buyer, Melissa P. Kanes. Seller, Legion Properties LLC.

1809 Burnt Oak Dr., $123,000; Buyer, Hawken L. and Rachael L. Grubbs. Seller, Robert and Jacqueline M. Roy.

2744 Forest Oaks Circle, $144,000; Buyer, Thomas Glenn Hill and Vivia Ray. Seller, DHF Trust.

528 SW 124th Place, Oklahoma City, $140,000; Buyer, Suraj and Supriya Rao. Seller, Sooner Traditions LLC.

421 Dayflower Lane, $97,000. Buyer, Deborah D. Benjamin. Seller, Ideal Homes.

4624 SE 104th Street, Oklahoma City, $145,000; Buyer, Tony Vaughn. Seller, Henrietta Virginia Clinton.

3764 River Oaks Drive, $122,000; Buyer, Donald J. and Nora Ellen Huntington. Seller, Jerry D. and Carrol McConnell.

Lot 48, Block 1, Cedar Creek, $158,000; Buyer, Stephen E. and Lori Wilcox. Seller, Stockton Properties LLC.

2828 SW 107th, Oklahoma City, $180,000; Buyer, Ronald L. and Barbara B. Clanton. Seller, Don Larry and Suzanne Marie Wilson.

10316 Winston Way, Oklahoma City, $87,000; Buyer, Darrell Tinnin; Seller, Vivial W. Prock, attorney in fact.

Lot 13, Block 4, Madison Place 2, $92,500; Buyer, Richard J. and Damova L. Lesage. Seller, Jeri and Renita Methvin.

3504 Quail Run Circle, $123,000; Buyer, Timothy J. Kendall. Seller, Troy D. and Tracy A. Brown.

403 Clover Road, Moore, $93,500; Buyer, Donald and Renee Auradou. Seller, Mark A. and Johnnie Russell.

9129 Wingspread Drive, Oklahoma City, $109,000; Buyer, Lisa L. Phan. Seller, Christopher D. and Daya Skaggs.

4520 Tuscany Drive, Norman, $489,000; Buyer, John B. and Stefanie E. Chace. Seller, Homeside LLC.

502 Silver Maple, $95,000; Buyer, Ralph L. and Wanda L. Brandon. Seller, Shayne and Sara Fisher.

530 S. Flood Avenue, $176,000; Buyer, Christopher E. Fowler. Seller, Gordon R. and Rachel A. Delchamps.

Lot 6, Block 4, Oakhurst 2, $94,000; Buyer, LED Inc. Seller, Dorothy O. Bergstresser Trust.

1000 SE 15th, Moore, $82,000; Buyer, Chad Cobble and Andrea Argo; Seller, Terry Neal and Louise J. Blount.

608 Shadowhill, $126,000; Buyer, Mark A. and Johnnie W. Russell. Seller, Matthew C. Lokay.

339 Rosewood, $93,000; Buyer, Justin K. Payton; Seller, Jacke Dale Ferrell, personal representative for the estate of Arville D. Ferrell.

3229 SW 105th Terrace, Oklahoma City, $235,000; Buyer, Terry L. Scaffetta and Gerry R. Kerr; Seller, Yahya C. Mombeni and Fahimeh Janaki.

507 Clover Road, Moore, $95,500; Buyer, John P. Turke and Jill Portillo. Seller, Gerry Rae Kerr.

713 Waterwood Drive, $366,000; Buyer, Christopher S. and Toni Lynn Williams. Seller, Harbor Homes Inc.

Part of Section 17, 10N, 1E, $115,000; Buyer, Gerald J. and Pamela S. Allen. Seller, Brian K. and Amy L. Wofford.

3512 SW 123rd Place, Oklahoma City, $252,000; Buyer, Patrick Hughes and Shawna Lyn Berry.

Lot 46, Block 4 and Lot 47, Block 4, Woodslawn Addition, $75,500; Buyer, Teresa N. Ward. Seller, Ricky Dan and Paula J. Little.

400 Garland Court, Norman, $115,500; Buyer, Christopher W. and Tracy L. Carlson. Seller, Wendy A. Lowe.

13001 Tamace Drive, Oklahoma City, $172,000; Buyer, Jeremy W. and Lisa D. Roddy. Seller, Rick L and Becky J. Rackley.

1013 SW First Street, Moore, $91,000; Buyer, Dennis W. and Jennifer Zotigh. Seller, Adam C. and Jackie L. Cartwright.

904 NE 25th Street, Moore, $145,500; Buyer, Joseph J. Hayes, Jr.. Seller, Tom Abel Homes Inc.

Lot 11, Block 10, Oak Ridge, Moore, $216,500; Buyer, Jennifer C. McAlister. Seller, Allen Custom Homes.

912 SE 89th Street, Moore, $135,000; Buyer, Bella A. Berenice; Seller, Louise Baker.

320 Madison Place, Moore, $130,000; Buyer, Mitchell B. Webster. Seller, McAlister Construction Inc.

10004 Brookmill Ct., Oklahoma City, $126,000; Buyer, Ann Williams and Pepper W. Williams. Seller, Robert E. and Marsha A. McLaughlin.

602 Greenlea Chase West, Oklahoma City, $102,000; Buyer, Barbara Willis. Seller, Glen and Elizabeth Hacker.

2219 Shadowridge Ct., Oklahoma City, $91,900; Buyer, Kevin R. Cobbs and Stacie L. Sexton. Seller, Ashton T. and Misty Phillips.

2213 NE 15th Street, Moore, $230,000; Buyer, Cody L. and Areatha L. Clark. Seller, Mark and Cheryl Belangee, attorney in fact.

1316 SW 121st Place, Oklahoma City, $165,000; Buyer, Vincent Nguyen. Seller, Green Living Trust.

517 Beechwood Way, Moore, $127,500; Buyer, Jay A. and Jennifer R. Geary. Seller, Shawn J. and Jamie Freeby.

307 Kimberling Avenue, Moore, $90,000; Buyer, Thomas Anthony and Samantha Ann Jackson. Seller, Cecil E. Folks, by attorney in fact.

213 Red Oak Cr., Moore, $111,600; Buyer, Timothy James and Stefannie Jo Wall. Seller, Heath M. Kelcher, by attorney in fact.

14713 SE 149th, $93,900; Buyer, Scott P. Allen. Seller, Iona Fae Braswell.

1216 SW 118th Place, Oklahoma City, $138,900; Buyer, Lewis R. and Brandy M. Chambers. Seller, Luther H. and Lois V. Cooke.

321 SW 99th Street, Oklahoma City, $165,000; Buyer, Jeffrey A. Christain. Seller, Lewis Trust.

Lot 4, Block 9 Forest Hills, $129,000; Buyer, Kelly Lee Steele. Seller, Martin Maag and Susan Conway.

Part of Section 8, 8N, 1E, $76,000; Buyer, Gary and Shelley Presley. Seller, Jason and Wendy L. Smith.

9605 S. Youngs, Oklahoma City, $203,000; Buyer, Son Hong Nguyen. Seller, Nick W. and Julie Kohout.

3016 Highland Ridge Drive, $280,500. Buyer, David W. and Angela Renee Johnson. Seller, Coppergate Homes.

4905 Waterwood Drive, $345,000; Seller, Randall A. and Sarah K. Agee. Seller, Harrison Fine Homes Inc.

1700 Teakwood Circle, $118,000; Buyer, Andrea James. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

14121 Sawmill Road, $169,000; Buyer, Robby Lee Johnson. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

3012 Highland Ridge, $293,500. Buyer, Brent L. and Ashley L. Shaw; Seller, Cooppergate Homes Inc.

721 NE 21st Street, Moore, $139,500; Buyer, Darrick Berens. Seller, Joseph S. and Machelle K. Myers.

3005 Cruden Dr., $212,900; Buyer, Danny L. Jr., and Amy C. Morris. Seller, Muirfield Homes LLC.

716 Glen Ellen Cr., $113,900. Buyer, Amy C. Morris. Seller, Danny L. Jr., and Amy Morris.

1201 Macalpine Avenue, Moore, $91,900; Buyer, Karen K. Langley. Seller, Bill J. and Kathy L. Seymour.

1329 SW 121st Place, Oklahoma City, $155,000; Buyer, David L. and Cathy Willoughby. Seller, Travis D. and Stacie A. Willoughby.

2708 SW 111th Street, Oklahoma City, $174,900; Buyer, Wiley L. Williams and Janet E. Jobe. Seller, Reggie B. and Connie Sue Cook Living Trust.

Lot 2, Quorum Office Park Replat, $190,000; Buyer, SHV 1 LLC. Seller, William and Cheryl DeLay.

2704 Tioga Cr., $121,500; Buyer, Robert L. and Kayla D. James. Seller, Brian P. and Kimberly J. Doyle.

912 Buttonwood Avenue, Moore, $116,500; Buyer, Christina M. and Brant L. Davis. Seller, Kenneth E. and Angelyn Barnes.

4008 Chamberlyne Way, $282,500; Buyer, John J. Jr., and Rhea D. Seaberg. Seller, Douglas M. Logan and Suzan J. Tramblie Logan.

417 Golden Oaks, $156,000; Buyer, Farzaneh M. Esfahani. Seller, Timothy A. and Candace D. Barrett.

1127 W. Symmes, $153,000. Buyer, Larry G. Hollingsworth and Scott A. Hollingsworth. Seller, W. Eric and Kerri D. Richardson.

Lot 12, Block 3, Brookhaven 21, $280,000. Buyer, Bobby C. Danner and Sylvia E. Sears Family Trust. Seller, Roger and Alma N. Holcombe.

1722 Wilshire, $125,500. Buyer, Stephen B. and Valerie Rhodes. Seller, District Court of Cleveland County, estate of Tommy Travis Williams.

600 Jean Marie, $123,000; Buyer, Mary Ann Johnson. Seller, Mark Vanaken and Cindy Holden.

945 Heather Glen, $140,000. Buyer, Michaele J. Benn. Seller, Lois L. Kilby Revocable Trust.

1500 SW 137th Terrace, $240,000; Buyer, Gregory L. and Teresa J. Blakey. Seller, Heritage Fine Homes LLC.

512 Calla Lily Lane, $86,000. Buyer, Meredith L. Jacobson. Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman.

15600 Acacia Road, Oklahoma City, $115,500. Buyer, Christopher Brian and Sonja Kay Johns. Seller, Ideal Homes of Oklahoma.

3801 Churchill Road, Moore, $542,000. Buyer, Tommy and Maggie McBane. Seller, TLP Custom Homes.

Lot 2, Block 121, The Edge at Norman Condos, $112,000; Buyer, OU Mini LLC, Mountain Man Smoke LLC. Seller, The Edge at Norman LLC.

Lot 1, Block 128, The Edge at Norman Condos, $113,000; Buyer, Thomas G. and Josephine H. Henderson. Seller, The Edget at Norman LLC.

3021 SW 138th Street, Oklahoma City, $190,500. Buyer, Bradley B. and Judith M. Loman. Seller, CoBanks Construction Inc.

3616 Guilford Lane, $299,000; Buyer, Eric W. and Denise E. Olson. Seller, Farzaneh M. Esfahani.

700 Penn Lane, Moore, $98,000. Buyer, Dana D. Coleman. Seller, Brian S. Ness and Debbie McCarthy.

Lot 13, Block 9 Plaza Towers, Moore, $186,000; Buyer, Jorge and Sheri Mendoza. Seller, Farzaneh Properties Inc.

9413 Button Avenue, Moore, $150,000. Buyer, Johnny F. Harris. Seller, Tom Abel Homes Inc.

2002 SE 24th, $106,000. Buyer, Rex and Christina Ostrander. Seller, SDF Properties Inc.

701 SW 161st Street, Oklahoma City, $132,500. Buyer, Richard James and Maria D. Reed. Seller, Skyview Homes LLC.

4508 Katie Ridge Drive, Moore, $128,500. Buyer, David Ryan Curry. Seller, Vintage Custom Homes LLC.

3120 Nighthawk Lane, Moore, $172,500. Buyer, Rodney Simpson. Seller, Yolanda L. Reed.

1224 SW 100th Terrace, Oklahoma City, $115,000; Buyer, Charles B. McMurtry. Seller, George E. Jr., and Jacquetta Thayer.

208 Parkway Drive, Moore, $155,000. Buyer, Michael and Kimberly Curtis.

1003 SW 24th Street, Moore, $112,000; Buyer, Chance L. Mattiesen. Seller, John R. and Belinda L. West.

2450 132nd Avenue SE, Norman, $145,000; Buyer, Leonard Hestera. Seller, Mark D. and Patricia M. Bryan.

1307 Oakhurst, $112,000. Buyer, Jeffery A. Yarborough. Seller, Anthony D. and Tamara Kersey.

1804 Tudor Place, Moore, $116,500. Buyer, Elizabeth Yates. Seller, John Brian and Jeana J. Sorrells.

1500 SW 136th Street, $230,000; Buyer, Johnnie III and Barbara Baker. Seller, Danny M. Ramos.

12909 Maple Leaf Drive, Oklahoma City, $124,900; Buyer, Siobhan V. and Jason F. Gower. Seller, David L. and Cathy L. Willoughby.

3008 N. Santa Fe, Moore, $90,000; Buyer, Terr E. Webster. Seller, Boyd and Charlene Anderson.

205 N. Olde Bridge Road, Moore, $304,500; Buyer, James J. Jr., and Brenda L. Nally. Seller, Scott Lk and Becky Renee Campbell.

Lot 4, 5 and 2, Block 17, and Lot 3 and 8, Block 16, Stone Meadows South 3, $120,567; Buyer, Dub Stone Construction Co. Seller, Dubco Inc.

2707 Osage Way, $89,000; Buyer, Donald Ray and Connie L. Reed. Seller, David Winkler.

815 NE 17th Court, Moore, $78,500; Buyer, Jeffery D. Ray. Seller, Matthew Timothy and Andrea Rene Getz.

14504 Harli Lane, Oklahoma City, $117,500; Buyer, Shane and Carla Tillson. Seller, Homes by Terry Inc.

3012 SW 138th Street, Oklahoma City, $196,000; buyer, Jean M. Meinhart. Seller, Kings Crown Homes Inc.

Lot 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Whispering Hills Tr, $166,000. Buyer, Bernhanu Mulugeta and Abigael Abebe. Seller, Cornelius K. and Margaret J. Craye.

500 Willow Branch Road, $176,000; Buyer, Josh Warren Gately. Seller, Alexei and Elena Botehkarev.

3017 SW 95th Street, Oklahoma City, $93,500; Buyer, Andrew G. Gagnon. Seller, Thomas J. and Sarah Schmidt.

Lot 2, 4, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 29, 22 and 24 High Meadows Townhouse Condos Phase 2, $725,000; Buyer, Sardonyx, LLC. Seller, BMF Investments LLC.

3824 Crail Drive, $163,500; Buyer, Catherine E. Seaton. Seller, Dustin Grant and Sara Ann Ward.

13104 Almond Drive, Oklahoma City, $125,000; Buyer, Chris L. Phillips. Seller, Bob R. and Mary Jo Plummer.

1008 NW 2nd Street, Moore, $76,000; Buyer, Billy C. and Shanda Standridge. Seller, Paul M. and Kathleen Gordon.

Part of Section 18, 10N-4W, $332,500; Buyer, A Quick Home Sale LLC. Seller, Carthell B Ayres Revocable Trust.

1025 SW 14th Street, Moore, $90,000; Buyer, Chad J. Thomas. Seller, Justin L. and Jill R. Walker.

Lot 2, Block 11 and Lot 3, Block 11 Greenbriar East Lake, $146,000; Buyer, Johnny and Glenna L. Hargrave. Seller, Wilma J. Fairman.

1000 Kings Road, Moore, $80,000; Buyer, Cecily D. O'dell. Seller, Chris Alan and Carmen Cicely Hussey.

728 NE 21st, Moore, $117,000; Buyer, Soon Ok and Young Kim. Seller, Shi Baik and Eunjoo.

3612 SW 123rd Ct., Oklahoma City, $285,500; Buyer, Daryl E. -- Gina K. Elrod. Seller, D P Odom Construction LLC.

13101 Lorien Way, Oklahoma City, $399, 500; Buyer, Randy D. -- Cynthia L. Crofford. Sellers, Classic Builders, LLC.

1209 SW 132nd St., Oklahoma City, $125,000; Buyer, Brent Wyatt. Seller, Gary Dean -- Deborrah Elaine Bartlett.

2704 Frost Lane, $116,500; Buyer, Melissa A. Burdett. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

3916 Glisten Ct., $140,000; Buyer, William B. -- Ashley W. Southard. Seller, Phillip W. -- Sandra G. Dawkins.

1621 War Bird Drive, $145,000; Buyer, Neil R. -- Carrie C. Hays. Seller, Janice A. Wehran.

Lot 16, Block 6 Woodslan, 3rd, $85,000; Buyer, Randall L. Anderson. Seller, Benjamin T. -- Abby E. Schill -- Danny M. -- Barbara L. Schill.

1408 Buena Vista Circle, $119,000; Jerry Ray Newman -- Michelle Newman. Seller, Jerald C. -- Susan A. Eubank.

1201 SW 98th St., Oklahoma City, $99,000; Buyer, Twyla J. Toombs. Seller, Rhonda L. Marler -- Jimmie D. Engelke.

1904 East View Dr., $124,000; Buyer, Ariadne Beals. Seller, Thomas R. -- Charlette Blubaugh.

3409 Riverwalk Ct., $255,000; Buyer, Jean E. Giles. Seller, Bobby G. Roberson Living Trust.

201 Greentree Dr., Noble, $89,000; Buyer, Justin W. -- Jennifer S. Fox. Seller, Chris W. -- Sarah A. Spores.

700 Lakeside Dr., Noble, $124,000; Buyer, Chris W. -- Sarah A. Spores. Seller, Daniel T. Moss.

21220 SE 119th St., McLoud, $87,900; Buyer, Andrea Mears. Seller, Bryan L. -- Melissa J. Niblett.

2513 Nottingham Way, Moore, $75,000; Buyer, Daniel I. Harpster. Seller, Real Estate Magic Investments, LLC.

1129 Cedar Crest St., $90,500; Buyer, Megan R. Pearson. Seller, Corbett Enterprises, LLC.

11913 Maple Valley Dr., Oklahoma City, $172,000; Buyer, Wilma J. Fairman. Seller, Marie D. Ferrari Living Trust.

930 Schulze Dr., $136,300; Buyer, Charles W. Sever, Jr. and Judith Sherman Smith. Seller, Watson Gertine Revocable Trust.

1609 SW 129th St., Oklahoma City, $176,000; Buyer, Richard -- Patricia Greene. Seller, Tyler -- Marie Grider.

2901 Murray Ct., Moore, $228,500; Buyer, Tommy L. -- Beverly Masquat. Seller, Lytle Brent -- Sharlotte J. Hilburn.

2808 SW 135th, Oklahoma City, $300,000; Buyer, Nicole C. Latimer. Seller, Mashburn JW Development, Inc.

Lot 3, Block 3 Sonoma Park, $122,500; Buyer, Barry -- Marsha Melton. Seller, Jonathon R. Halbesleben -- Jennifer Ann Becker.

11817 Cedar Valley Terrace, Oklahoma City, $133,000; Buyer, Rachel Yates. Seller, B. Wesley -- Misty L. Adams.

6400 E. Techumseh Rd., $162,000; Buyer, Jeffery D. -- Deborah Fitzgerald. Seller, R. Dwight -- Sherry J. Light.

701 SW 153rd St., Oklahoma City, $139,000; Buyer, Jeri J. Tryon. Seller, Jeffrey D. -- Deborah A. Fitzgerald.

7205 Landsaw Dr., $160,000; Buyer, Mary P. Jabalee; Seller, William Hall -- Sandra Owens.

4209 Applegate Dr., Moore, $114,000; Buyer, Peter -- Laura Nardin. Seller, High Strive Construction LP.

1200-F Air Depot, Midwest City, $3,200,000; Buyer, Brady Air Properties, LLC. Seller, Sunny Properties, LLC.

1100 Silver Maple Ct., Moore, $95,500; Buyer, Sherry R. Weisbrod -- Iona F. Braswell. Seller, Richard J. -- Sherry L. Monson.

1333 NW 9th St., Oklahoma City, $187,500; Buyer, Mark H. -- Amanda Hodges. Seller, Aaron N. -- Gina C. Garriott.

10904 Silo Ridge Rd., Oklahoma City, $209,000; Buyer, Kathy Wallace. Seller, J R Bowers, Jr. Construction Co., Inc.

3225 SW 96th St., Oklahoma City, $95,500; Buyer, Beverly Kay Anson. Seller, Nathan -- Carrie M. Howell -- William -- Helen C. Martich.

10025 S. Linn Ave., Oklahoma City, $107,000; Buyer, Samuel C., II, -- Amy Cramer. Seller, Jackie E. Fricker.

216 Foreman Cr., $75,000; Buyer Charles R. Holbrook Trust. Seller, Novalee Nail Taylor -- Todd Jonathon -- Stacy Taylor.

1828 NE 11th St., Moore, $177,000; Buyer, Brian E. -- Chenea L. Foster. Seller, Wiggins, Steven B. -- Janice L. Whitson.

1021 SW 12th St., Moore, $78,500; Buyer, Misty Ann Satterlee. Seller, Mark H. -- Amanda Hodges.

416 Sequoyah, Noble, $146,287; Buyer, Steve O. -- Patricia J. Corley. Seller, Thomas Paige Homes, LLC.

Lot 1, Block 4 Sutton Place 2, $127,000; Buyer, Robert H. -- Janice Goetzinger. Seller, William V. -- Nancy J. Huntington.

10901 Wineview Dr., Oklahoma City, $245,000; Buyer, Thu Anh Tran -- Eric Khanh Trinh. Seller, Jerry F. -- Janice L. Whitson.

212 Gallant Way, $153,000; Buyer, John A. -- Connie D. Foust. Seller, Craig D. -- Tiffany R. Bodenhamer.

804 Ash Ct., $125,000; Buyer, Robert -- Thelma J. Rason. Seller, Marian Ingram.

1400 Jordan Circle, $108,000; Buyer, Gary L. -- Mary Anne McGee. Seller, Russel Brewer.

4408 Warrington Circle, $252,000; Buyer, Ralph K. -- Ross Tafford. Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman.

5104 Ladbrook St., $150,000; Buyer, Ukhup K. Thang. Seller, Keith -- Karen Boreham.

513 SW 163rd St., Oklahoma City, $124,500; Buyer, Devin Gravlee. Seller, Vesta Homes, Inc.

2506 Timberwood Ct., $96,000; Buyer, Julie Anne Bays. Seller, Kenneth W. Hart.

1720 SW 33rd St., Moore, $126,000; Buyer Curtis -- Emily Winkle. Seller, Bradley A. -- Cristi D. Whiddon.

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