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The Norman Public Schools Board of Education voted for changes to the district’s marijuana policy on Monday night.

The main change allows caregivers to privately administer medicine to students with medical marijuana licenses during school hours.

The policy requires caregivers to provide identification and proper documentation and they must fill out proper paperwork before administering medicine to a student.

However, district schools are prohibited from storing medical marijana for students or interact with it in any way.

The additions also include state-mandated language that prohibits schools from discriminating against medical marijuana license holders except in certain circumstances, such as faculty who are involved in safety-sensitive positions.

However, faculty and staff are still prohibited from possessing, using or being under the influence of medical marijuana while on campus or at school-related events.

Nick Migliorino, Norman Public Schools superintendent, said the additions are in line with other school districts in the state.

“Whatever the physician writes the prescription or license for, they work with that guardian just like with any other prescription a student has,” Migliorino said. “The difference is that we do not administer it at all or store it because it is still a [schedule 1] drug.

“We will provide through the nurse’s office a private place for administration. This is in line with the majority of all districts that have taken action on this policy.”

Current Oklahoma Medical Marijuana policy allows minors under the age of 18 to use, possess and grow medical marijuana with assistance from a parent or caregiver.

“We do have minors on our campus, so for a person to be able to come on campus and administer any of these medications, we have a process they have to go through,” Migliorino said. “They have to fill out forms, and they have to prove they were the guardian that was assigned by the physician to administer medicine to the student.”

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