Tips on keeping your freezer clean and running properly

By A. J. Butler

CNHI News Service

Perhaps the most important storage unit within a household is often one of the most overlooked.

However, this storage unit can make or break you and your dinner plans with just minor problems. Often these problems can be maintained by proper use and a good cleaning once a year.

Here are several tips and ideas on how to defrost and clean your stand-up or regular freezer.

First, remove all food from the freezer and either place the food in ice chests or another freezer or refrigerator that is available.

If possible, take the freezer outside and wash the entire inside of the freezer with a water hose. If the freezer cannot be moved experts recommend allowing the freezer to set with the door open until all ice build up has melted. According to experts many freezers now come with a plug located on the freezer where a hose can be connected allowing for melted ice to drain through the hose. This allows for less mess when defrosting your freezer.

After washing allow the freezer to completely dry before turning the freezer back on. Also, experts recommend the inside of the freezer be wiped down before freezing again.

When plugging the freezer back in allow at least three hours for maximum cold temperatures to be achieved. Food can be placed back in the freezer if needed when plugged back in but maintain a close watch on food to make sure it is staying frozen.

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