Corene Siglin feeds her into the machine ballot for Norman City Council elections, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. 

With the June 30 primary election coming up, the Cleveland County Election Board answered some questions voters might have in regards to early and absentee-by-mail voting.

For early voting, there will only be one location and it will be at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 615 E. Robinson, located in building E.

Early voting will be held June 25-27.

“We will not be holding early voting at Moore Norman Technology Center,” Cleveland County Election Board assistant secretary Kathy Singer said.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in absentee ballot requests have allowed the election board to host only one location for early voting so they don’t have to spread the staff out so thin, secretary Bryant Rains said.

The election board will be taking precautions and following CDC guidelines for social distancing, the election board said.

“The precautions we are taking is definitely a change,” Singer said. “The social distancing and we’re wearing the (personal protection equipment) that’s definitely going to be a big thing to adjust to.”

In addition to all the staff wearing personal protection equipment, the election board is encouraging voters to follow the health department recommendations and wear PPE as well, but they will not be enforcing the use of PPE, the election board said.

Election booths will be sanitized throughout the day in a minimum of 30-minute increments and will be placed 6 feet apart, the election board said.

According to the election board, if a voter is worried about their health or COVID-19, the safest way to vote is through absentee by mail. The deadline to register for absentee by mail is Tuesday June 23.

Voters can register for absentee by mail either online at the Cleveland County Election Board’s website or the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website. Voters can also register in person at the Cleveland County Election Board’s office.

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