The Cleveland County Republican Party will open a permanent headquarters in Norman Friday, marking the occasion with an open house party.

Since becoming chair of the county GOP in April, Nancy Sangirardi said she had been hearing complaints from people about there not being a location for them to get yard signs, shirts, bumper stickers and more in Cleveland County. So she decided to change that.

“They would have to drive to Oklahoma City in order to get signage for people running for office who are not just local candidates,” Sangirardi said. “So after I got elected as county chair ,I was talking to several people and they told me that we really need to get our own office again, so we [did].”

From 5:30-7:30 p.m. Friday, Sangirardi and the rest of the county Republican Party will be hosting an open house at their new office headquarters, located at 480 24th Ave. NW, Suite 200-25 at Madison Square executive offices.

“We just want people to see what we have and what we offer for candidates and also for constituents,” she said. “People can stop by and talk about candidates, see who’s running or if it’s a candidate who’s running for the first time, we hope to have packets of information to give them and help them on their journey. We just want to make it a friendly place where people can come in … and be a part [of the party].”

The office building will offer numerous amenities for both constituents and candidates, Sangirardi said.

“We’re just thrilled to have a place where people can come buy Republican t-shirts, if they want they can come talk to us about volunteering, if they want to give, if they want information about candidates — we’ve really made it a one stop shop here,” Sangirardi said.

The party chose the location they did trying to be as central as possible, so nobody in Cleveland County would have to drive too far to show up at their office, she said. The Cleveland County Democratic Party also has a headquarters located off of Gray Street in Norman.

“We wanted someplace where it would be easy for people to get to,” Sangirardi said. “It’s just kind of convenient for a lot of people.”

There will be food and drinks at the open house, which is open for everybody to attend, she said.

“People who come by Friday can register to win free t-shirts, and we’re going to just make it a funny evening for everyone to attend,” Sangirardi said.

Reese Gorman covers COVID-19, local politics and elections for The Transcript; reach him at or @reeseg_3.

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