Cleveland County commissioners are scheduled to vote on new district boundaries during a meeting at 1 p.m. Monday at the courthouse, according to its meeting agenda.

County spokesperson Joy Hampton told The Transcript last week that the commission must adopt a district map by the end of the month.

The vote will follow a prior 30-day public input window. County residents were invited to experiment with population changes to current districts using a geographical system software license from Oct. 1-29.

The software allowed users to move boundary lines on an interactive map of the county to see where the lines would alter population.

The software scored maps based on criteria like requirements to draw contiguous lines and on an equal population of 98,509.3 per district within a 10% deviation or population change, the county’s geographical systems manager Laura Smith said at the time.

Based on the scoring system, maps were invalidated or validated.

As previously reported by The Transcript, 11 maps were submitted for the commissioners to review.

District 1 Rod Cleveland said last week that the districts appeared to be compact and evenly populated, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data, without any changes since 2010 boundaries were adopted.

He anticipated few, if any, changes to districts.

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