Precision Builders is starting the new year with an expansion coming soon.

The Norman-based construction company will move to Flood Avenue while Aria Development remains at its current location.

Sassan Moghadam, president of Precision Builders, said an increased number of development projects over the past several years motivated the Norman-based construction company to expand.

“About two years ago, we decided we needed more space for both the construction and the development side and acquired that land and got it plotted,” he said.

Moghadam said the building will allot 5,000 square feet for offices and the same amount of space for a warehouse.

“There’s more room over there, and there's more land to where we can put our equipment,” he said. “It will be kind of like an office warehouse, and so the construction portion of our operation will move over there and an office out of there.”

Barret Williams is the architect at the helm of the project, who Sassan describes as “really good people with really good taste in design.”

Designed to have a contemporary look, the building will feature a perforated steel screen that bears the name of the company. It will stand a few feet in front of the windows as a screen, providing privacy while letting in the light.

The total project will cost about $1.5 million in land and construction.

Added space will enable the Norman-based construction company to recruit new members to its team, Moghadam said.

“As we’re growing, that (additional space) would give us more space for each entity to grow,” he said.

Moghadam said he hopes construction will be completed in April or May.

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