Norman High principal promoted to student services director

Kyle Phillips / The Transcript

Former Norman North Peter Liesenfeld with former Norman High Principal Scott Beck. Both Beck and Liesenfeld were promoted to administrative positions at the district level within Norman Public Schools.

June is a big month for Scott Beck.

He began his career in Norman Public Schools in June of 2004 as a teacher. Monday night, Beck was named the district’s new director of student services for secondary schools (middle schools and high schools). That means Beck will be leaving his current role as Norman High School principal. It’s a job he loves — he called it a privilege and an honor — but his new role gives him an opportunity to influence the lives of students across the district.

“This is a community and a place that’s really special to me — this district, Norman High,” Beck said. “The opportunity to work with our district leadership over the years has had such a profound influence on me. I think this gives me the opportunity to stay closely involved with [Norman High] and the students, but it’s a new challenge at a district level and gives me an opportunity to have an impact on a little broader a scale.”

While Beck will still be actively involved at Norman High along with his other school sites, he’ll miss seeing his Tiger family every school day.

“I love them. There’s something special about the culture of Norman High, from 1891 to now,” he said. “There’s something unique about the fabric of that school. The students have taught me so much, and it’s been the honor of a lifetime. There are thousands of memories.”

As director student services for secondary schools, Beck’s role encompasses anything related to students in his school sites, something he’s used to handling at NHS, but now on a larger scale — he said it was like being “principal for the principals.”

“I want to work to give students and families the best possible experience,” he said. “I want to work with principles to set them up to be as effective and successful as they can be.”

Beck’s promotion comes a few weeks after Norman North principal Peter Liesenfeld was promoted to the district’s chief technology officer. Norman Public Schools has often promoted individuals from within, including current superintendent Nick Migliorino and assistant superintendent Holly Nevels.

“Longevity for longevity’s sake isn’t necessary a good thing, but when there’s longevity because of high quality, that’s tremendous,” Beck said. “There’s a significant amount of trust there: these folks are ones who have mentored me. That trust really undergirds everything we do, builds a solid foundation.”

Migliorino told the school board before they voted to approve Beck in his new role that the district received more than 40 applications for the position.

“We were able to narrow that down to one person, who has done nothing through their career but improve and improve,” he said.

Looking for two new high school principals in one summer may seem like a daunting task, but Beck and school officials said they’re going to get it done.

“I believe the best days for Norman High are still in the future,” he said.

Caleb Slinkard was hired as the editor of the Norman Transcript in August of 2015. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce and previously was in charge of several newspapers in northeast Texas.