Norman Public Schools announced Tuesday that the Nov. 17 and Feb. 24 snow days will be made up by the district using additional instructional minutes to each school day that have accumulated. Additional minutes have been built into each school day since the beginning of the school year, so no adjustment to school-day start and ending times will occur.

State law allows districts to meet the minimum requirement for a school year using either minutes or days to calculate their school year. 

NPS intentionally goes above and beyond the state minimum in regard to instructional minutes in its school day to provide flexibility in meeting state law. This is because extra minutes can be counted by the state for instructional time in the case of extraordinary lost time due to inclement weather.

Should more snow days occur this school year, parents and faculty are advised that NPS has the ability to make up four more school days using accumulated instructional minutes. This is why the district is not opting to use the one designated snow make-up day left (March 13) on its Board of Education-adopted calendar.

"This means regardless of whether we incur one or two snow days this week, our 2014-15 calendar will continue as planned. There still will be no classes next Friday, March 13, so we may proceed with parent-teacher conferences scheduled for that day," said Shelly Hickman, director of NPS communication and community relations.

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