'Daddy Love Band Rocks a Parking Lot'

Artist: Daddy Love Band

Album: "Daddy Love Band Rocks a Parking Lot"

    Richard “Daddy” Love is a well-known presence on the Norman music scene. He’s the CEO of normanmusicscene.com along with being a founder and principal of Song Writers Association of Norman.

    His mentoring, technical skills and organizational talents have been encouraging musicians young and old here for years. Vocalist/ guitarist Love made his new album with percussionist Frank Barry and Chris Walsh on bass. The songs are all Love originals. The album title is no joke. It was recorded live on June 4, 2014 at a tasting event in the 9 East Liquor store parking lot.

    This was a wholly appropriate venue for Love’s music because all but one of these songs references strong drink in one way or another. The exception is first track titled “Wanna Be Bad” and it goes to another familiar lyrical inspiration, attractive women. Love’s romantic impulses about a short-order siren who caught his attention are coached by two internal voices urging alternately restraint and boldness. “I bet this girl does bad real good,” Love sings. “Red Dirt in Her Blood” is a second tribute to Okie femininity.

    His translation of naturalistic detail into poetry is spot-on. “In a pink bikini she’s a sight/ Before she swam in Lake Thunderbird that swimsuit had been white.” Anyone who has ever taken a dunk in Norman’s main reservoir affectionately nicknamed Dirty Bird knows that light red tinting actually does occur.

    Love’s music is further informed by Oklahoma on “Damn It’s Hot.” Rather than burning his fingers on a bottom in tight blue denim, this time the song is about our typically scorching summertime climate.

    Similar to when it’s hot here and the days are long, this track too stretches on into a bluesy weather report that’s generous in length. Love’s music invites you to crack another cold one and contemplate the good and bad of this place we call home.

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