W e're well into July, which means it's high time we put the spotlight on one of our favorite summer treats ? Forgotten Video's Drive-In Theater. Break out the foot-long hot dogs and settle back for an entertaining "rain" double feature.

Steve McQueen was a young and sexy 35 when he made "Baby, the Rain Must Fall" (1965), one of his most underrated performances. McQueen plays Henry Thomas, an abandoned kid who grew up under the care of a fierce old foster mother named Miss Kate. Miss Kate believed in frequent beatings with a big leather belt, the better to keep the wayward Henry in line. Not surprisingly, the beatings didn't work, and Henry wound up in prison ? but not before marrying naive, sweet-faced Georgette (30-year-old Lee Remick).

Georgette gave birth to their daughter Margaret Rose (Kimberly Block) while Henry was in the pen. Henry has never seen his child and barely knows his bride. When he's released on parole, all he wants to do is make it big as a singer with his "string band" (featuring a young Glen Campbell). But he has a family to support. Can he stay out of trouble long enough to become the man they need?

"Baby, the Rain Must Fall" is not an action packed movie. It's more of a character study, and a beautiful one at that. Other than some rather dreadful lip-syncing, McQueen is just terrific as the lonely, abused Henry. His scenes with Remick are very touching, especially their clumsy reunion (sadly, both Remick and McQueen would die of cancer; he in 1980, she in 1991). The rest of the cast is fabulous, with a special nod to Estelle Hensley, who plays Miss Kate's ancient housekeeper, Catherine. What a sighting! You can find "Baby, the Rain Must Fall" (unrated) at Hastings.

Although there's barely any plot in "Hard Rain" (1998), there's plenty of action, a great jet-ski chase and the always welcome presence of Morgan Freeman, who lends class to any movie.

Our story takes place in tiny Huntingburg, Ind., where torrential rains threaten to break the local dam and flood the entire town. Huntingburg has been evacuated, but of course there are always a few stubborn souls who insist on staying so we'll have a movie. Two of them are Tom (Christian Slater) and Charlie (Ed Asner), armored car drivers who decide it's a great time to be driving around with millions in cash. They quickly become stuck in waist-high water, where they encounter Jim (Freeman) and his gang of greedy thieves. Jim and the gang just want the money. Tom, though, has other plans.

While there isn't much in the way of character development in "Hard Rain," it's still a great little mini-disaster movie. Loved the jet-ski chase through the flooded high school, and when the tree plows into Slater's jail cell. Freeman still manages to be impressive, along with Minnie Driver, who co-stars as Karen, a feisty girl who's restoring an old church. Hats off to everyone involved for shooting an entire movie soaking wet. You can find "Hard Rain" (rated R for language and violence) at most video stores. Check it out!

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