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Elizabeth Downing and Nathan Lee will share the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery for the January 2007 exhibit with the opening reception 5:30 to 8 p.m. today. The gallery is at 811 N. Broadway in the historic Automobile Alley section of downtown Oklahoma City.

Elizabeth Downing

Downing presents "Circumference," an exhibition of black and white photographs of urban landscape that reveal significant absences and the textures of aging in urban environments.

The printing process emphasizes the organic and textural qualities of the subjects. This is of particular interest to the local community, as the urban revitalization movement represents a new potential, artistic and otherwise, for communities.

Downing, 27, works and lives in Tulsa.

She is a member of Tulsa Young Professionals and the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.

She was recently invited to join the Board of Directors at the Tulsa Artists Coalition. She was awarded an OVAC Grant for the production of this show.

Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee brings a series of work titled "The Maelstrom: The story of the Raven and the Dove," a body of work that came about as he was writing a short novella.

The series of drawings explores human emotions such as loss and uncertainty and change through symbolism, allegories and dreams.

"I interweave actual events in my life with mythology and dreamlike settings to produce layered works with many meanings," Lee wrote in his artists statement. "Surrounding many of these pieces is a whirling forest like structure winding around the subjects. This represents the many twists and turns a person must travel to find what he or she is looking for. Most of the pieces have a main idea but they also contain several not so obvious meanings. They are narratives unto themselves. The central ideas of each piece are very personal and very revealing. In a way they are therapeutic to me as a person."

Lee, 32, works as an arts facilitator at Youth Cornerstone and as director of Inclusion in Art, which was created to help minority artists find opportunities in the Oklahoma visual arts community. Inclusion in Art was conceived by Lee because of his own experiences as a minority artist.

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