New Releases:

· I Want Your Money: This political film contrasts two views about the role government should play. PG.

· Jackass 2D/3D: These crazy guys are at it again with dangerous stunts. R.

· Pure County 2: The Gift: A young girl is gifted with musical talent by three angels. She must follow their rules in order to hang onto it during her rise to fame. PG.

· Red: With his life threatened by an assassin, former agent Frank Moses assembles his team to help him survive. PG-13.

Now Showing:

· Easy A: With one lie, a high school girl finds her life paralleling the plight of Hester Prynne in the “The Scarlet Letter.” PG-13.

· Legend of the Guardian 3D: A young owl is kidnapped and undergoes an attempted brainwashing before escaping. They turn to the noble, wise owls of Ga’ Hoole for help. PG.

· Life As We Know It: After the death of their best friends, two happily single people find out that they have been deemed guardians for the surviving toddler. PG-13.

· My Soul to Take 3D: A serial killer comes after children in his hometown who were born on the day he was allegedly killed for his crimes. A Wes Craven film. R.

· Secretariat: When Penny Chenery agrees to take over her father’s stables, she finds hope in a horse that promises to do great things on the race track. PG.

· The Social Network: Jesse Eisenberg stars as Mark Zuckerberg, the young creator of Facebook. PG-13.

· The Town: Doug is ready to leave the life of bank robbery, especially after falling for a hostage of a previous robbery. His partner in crime tries to prevent his departure. R.

· You Again: A successful young woman finds out her brother is about to marry the girl who made her high school years a nightmare. After attempting to encourage her daughter, the woman’s mother also encounters her high school foe. PG.

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