· X-Men Origins:Wolverine: Explores the formative years of the clawed, regenerating, troubled Marvel Comics superhero. PG-13

· Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: Against the backdrop of a family wedding, a lifelong womanizer confronts the ghosts of his past lovers. PG-13


· Earth: Feature-length condensed version of the documentary show "Planet Earth" shows animals in a range of habitats around the globe. G

· Fighting: A young man struggles for honor, money and recognition in a series of winner-take-all underground fights in New York City. PG-13

· Obsessed: A newly promoted executive is stalked by an unbalanced temp worker who targets him on the job and at home. R

· The Soloist: A newspaper reporter discovers a troubled homeless man with an astonishing musical gift. PG-13

· 17 Again: A man going through a midlife crisis is given a second chance to achieve the dreams of his youth. PG-13

· State of Play: Tense political thriller pits ambitious journalists against a sinister conspiracy of secrets, corruption and murder. PG-13

· Hannah Montana: The Movie: A teen pop star must cope with balancing her stage persona and her real life. G

· Fast and Furious: A tough ex-cop and a tougher crook team up behind the wheel again, this time to catch a murderous drug kingpin. PG-13

· Monsters vs. Aliens (2D): After an ordinary woman is exposed to a mysterious meteorite, she grows to gigantic size and is pressed into helping a motley crew of creatures thwart an alien invasion. PG

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