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· Case 39: A social worker tries to save a girl from abusive parents, but soon finds herself in over her head. R.

· Let Me In: Owen is befriended by a young vampire who is new in town. R.

· The Social Network: Jesse Eisenberg stars as Mark Zuckerberg, in the unveiling of his story of inventing Facebook. PG-13.

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· Alpha and Omega 3D: Two young wolves must work together to find their way home. PG.

· Devil: It’s an ordinary day for several people before they all grab an elevator in a business building, only to find themselves trapped with the Devil. PG-13.

· Easy A: A high school girl finds her life paralleling the plight of Hester Prynne in the “The Scarlet Letter.” PG-13

· Legend of the Guardian 3D: A young owl is kidnapped and undergoes an attempted brainwashing before escaping. They turn to the owls of Ga’ Hoole for help. PG.

· Piranha 3D: Lake Victoria is a hot spot for spring break. Visitors face a new adventure when man-eating fish are set free. R.

· Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D: Alice and Claire continue to seek survivors and find safe havens in a world ravaged by a viral infection. R.

· The Expendables: A team of mercenaries prepare to overthrow a dictator of a South American country. R.

· The Town: Doug is ready to leave the life of bank robbery, especially after falling for a hostage. His partner tries to prevent his departure. R.

· The Virginity Hit: Four guys attempt to document their friend’s experience in losing his virginity. R.

· Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: A young Wall Street trader partners with disgraced Gordon Gekko, his future father-in-law. PG-13.

· You Again: A young woman finds out that her brother is about to marry the girl who made her high school years a nightmare. The woman’s mother also encounters her high school foe. PG.

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