American Gangster: A tough cop pursues a clever drug-smuggling arch-criminal who is generous to the community in this crime epic inspired by actual events. R

Bee Movie: A college-educated bee tired of his species being exploited by humans for their honey decides to pursue legal action. PG

Martian Child: A widowed man finds meaning in his life when he adopts a young boy who has unusual methods of coping with emotional problems. PG


Saw IV: The twisted game-playing killer known as Jigsaw strikes from beyond the grave in this latest installment of the popular horror series. R

Dan in Real Life: A likable widower must tread cautiously after falling for his womanizing brother's latest conquest. PG-13

Darjeeling Limited: Three brothers seek spiritual healing on a train trip through India. R

30 Days of Night: Brutal vampires descend in a feeding frenzy on an Alaskan town above the Arctic Circle where night lasts a month in the dead of winter. R

The Comebacks: Spoof of inspirational sports films has a fallen coach seeking redemption with the aid of a ragtag band of gridiron misfits. PG-13

Gone Baby Gone: Roused to action by the pleas of a missing girl's aunt, a pair of Boston detectives comb the city in search of the child. R

Rendition: A young man and his wife are caught in a globe-spanning battle of wills, intrigue and deception when he is taken and tortured on suspicion of aiding terrorists. R

Michael Clayton: A "fixer" working for a prominent law firm finds unexpected hurdles when trying to win a supposedly open-and-shut multimillion-dollar court case. R

We Own The Night: A nightclub owner related to several police officers finds his loyalties tested when his family pressures him to turn in the mobster friends who conduct illegal business through his bar. R

Across The Universe: A dockworker's search for his father leads him to cross paths with memorable characters amid the turbulence of the 1960s in this musical set to the music of the Beatles. PG-13

Game Plan: Feel-good story about a star pro quarterback who finds himself getting to know the young daughter he never knew he had. PG

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